Does the concealing electrostatic film let the sun and light through the window?

Yes, it is completely translucent and lets sun and light through. It is in no way an anti UV block; its purpose is to conceal the view from the outside of what is happening inside!

The concealing films we present here, are, as their name indicates, "concealing". Meaning that even with the lights on, people outside do not see into your house. However, if the lighting is very bright or if you are very close to the window, people can see a moving shadow as would happen with slender net curtains.

At our place, the bathroom looks out onto the street. I first put up net curtains, but I realised that too thin, they had no use at all. I added a concealing film. Now it is perfect and I kept natural light. My windows are large and I placed my films at shoulder height, so I could still see out.