Blue Lounge CableBox and CableBox Mini charger boxes available at LaPaDD

October 7, 2011 by LaPaDD sarl

Because we appreciate our numerous electric devices, but not the chaos of cables and chargers  involved or the real dust catchers they become, LaPaDD is expanding its product range for the rationalisation of cables, power supplies, multiple sockets and chargers.


CableBox existe en 2 versions : standard et mini, pour des blocs multiprises plus petits

Following the success of the SL12 Charge Box available since 2009, LaPaDD launches the BlueLounge range, from the United States.


The Cable Box and Cable Box Mini are inexpensive, extremely well thought out and very easy to use. Made of fireproof ABS, with non-slip rubber pads, they are particularly well finished, and their simple look allows you to integrate them to your decor, whatever the style. Equipped  with a slit on each of the small sides and an easy lift top, they are very functional.


Cable Box, boite à chargeurs grand modèle  

The Cablebox is an ideal box to hide a large multiple socket (up to 39 cm long) with all the ensuing chaos. It will happily stand next to your desk or behind the television. It perfectly manages the rationalisation of your computer, hi fi or TV setups, capable of making all transformers and power cables disappear.


CableBox, 30, available in black or white.


CableBox existe en 2 versions : standard et mini, pour des blocs multiprises plus petits  


The CableBox Mini is designed to take a smaller multiple socket (22 cm max), a USB hub or a mini Ethernet router. Its compact format allows you to keep it at hand for an easy access to your mobile charger or your hub, whilst confining  the mess of cables, guaranteeing order on your desk.

CableBox Mini, 21, available in electric pink, black or white.


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Customisable magnets with your photos or drawings

September 27, 2011 by Axel

In the era of digital cameras, we are overwhelmed with photos. It’s all very well to keep them on your hard disk: no one can enjoy them. And the fridge door that gets opened at least ten times a day is such an ideal place for display…


Customisable magnets with your photos allow you to turn any photo, drawing, picture or text into magnets. It’s very simple: you just need to remove the protective film, stick the photo or picture, then cut around the desired shape.

Here is a great present likely to stimulate children’s creativity,  as well as their parents’ or grandparents’. To be given as is, or having customised the magnets.


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Ultra smart sleep masks have arrived at LaPaDD!

September 21, 2011 by Axel

masques de sommeil die Hausfreunde

Living as a couple is a true day-to-day challenge.

For those who have decided to meet the challenge, LaPaDD attempts to bring small solutions to small problems.

Because the accumulation of these small domestic hassles is likely to poison the cohabitation of heroes living as a couple.

Let’s start by making sure He or She sleeps properly. As observed, a well-rested person is more able to bite the bullet, accept compromise or tolerate the other person’s mood swings. Science as well as common sense agree on this point: sleeping well is good for one’s health and keeping peace at home!

Your partner reads for hours when you’d rather get to sleep?

You cannot stand the slightest ray of sunshine at dawn?


You are a blind man’s bluff enthusiast?

You prefer nice fabrics and refined finishing touches to the coarse material of masks “given out” by airlines?

The luxury night masks are for you!



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33 metres of motorway for 13€ with my first motorway sticky tape

September 19, 2011 by Axel

Scotch My First Autobahn de Donkey Products

With My First Autobahn motorway sticky tape, create the perfect decor for your children to make the most of their fleet of cars at a seriously low price.

This motorway can join the bedroom to the bathroom, climb walls, go down stairs, and much more, because the imagination of our children often leaves us flabbergasted.

Length 33m

Top quality adhesive

Made in Germany

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Still more pleasure of giving with the naughty wrapping paper

September 14, 2011 by Axel

Le papier cadeau avec des hommes et des femmes à poil chez LaPaDD  

Decent? YES! Oh really, because men and women in the nude are decent? WELL YES, because it comes from the UK, where great emphasis is put on a minimum of prudishness, but where the effects of a present are of particularly great importance. After all, it is amusing to watch Granny’s reaction, faced with a parcel of Chippendales…

Because pleasures are rare, let’s cultivate them!

Naughty wrapping paper, Suck UK design. One sheet: 84cm by 59cm.


  • in pink with naked men inside
  • in blue with naked women inside

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