Ultra smart sleep masks have arrived at LaPaDD!

September 21, 2011 by Axel

masques de sommeil die Hausfreunde

Living as a couple is a true day-to-day challenge.

For those who have decided to meet the challenge, LaPaDD attempts to bring small solutions to small problems.

Because the accumulation of these small domestic hassles is likely to poison the cohabitation of heroes living as a couple.

Let’s start by making sure He or She sleeps properly. As observed, a well-rested person is more able to bite the bullet, accept compromise or tolerate the other person’s mood swings. Science as well as common sense agree on this point: sleeping well is good for one’s health and keeping peace at home!

Your partner reads for hours when you’d rather get to sleep?

You cannot stand the slightest ray of sunshine at dawn?


You are a blind man’s bluff enthusiast?

You prefer nice fabrics and refined finishing touches to the coarse material of masks “given out” by airlines?

The luxury night masks are for you!