Honeycomb decorative paper balls

Engel Honeycomb
  • Engel Honeycomb
  • Engel Honeycomb
  • Engel Honeycomb
  • Engel Honeycomb
  • Engel Honeycomb
  • Engel Honeycomb
  • Engel Honeycomb
  • Engel Honeycomb
  • dimensions : assortment diams. 10cm/15cm/20cm
  • tariff code : 48114190
  • set of 3 matching paper balls
  • reusable (fold and unfold)
  • made according to the traditional Austrian method
  • quality paper
  • hand made in the Netherlands


3 good reasons

  • you love to give parties, beautiful parties where decoration is an essential element
  • you like starry skies, planets and the cosmos...hanging paper balls let you create your own private universe
  • you like to change you party decor from one soiree to another and find that hanging paper balls are an economical and recyclable solution

how does it work?


Honeycomb Ocean   Honeycomb Spring   Honeycomb Sweet
Ocean   Spring   Sweet



Using and putting up your Honeycomb paper balls is easy as can be, like any hanging paper decoration. Unfold the paper balls and either use the included stick-on or any other method to hang them where you wish.

Those of you with a creative touch can make magnificent combinations of one or many colours.



For parties: We often associate folding paper balls with children's parties, but they can liven up adult festivities as well. As if often the case, it's all question of composition and choice of colours. For a kid's birthday party, a baby shower, or a first "tween" bash, opt for bright, cheerful colours. For a party for adults, a marriage, or traditional holidays like Christmas or Easter, try colour zones using shades of the same colour...now its up to you!

As decorative elements: you don't have to have a party to hang up these decorations. You could also use them to brighten up your daughter's room, to add a touch of colour to drab office, or to liven up a store that's a bit too stuffy.


When you look at a Honeycomb paper ball, you'll understand the choice of name immediately: the folded paper structure looks like...yes...a honeycomb. That hexagonal-shaped structure inside a beehive where bees make their delicious honey...


easy: an ultra-easy-to-use product that can deliver a spectacular result.

reusable: fold and unfold it as often as you like. You can use your paper ball decoration many times or even lend them to friends. Once folded, they take up very little space.

stylish: these handmade Honeycombs come in fashionable colours that currently used in the design world.