Polkadot napkin clip, pacifier clip and blanky clip

  • napkin and blanky clip: 26.5 cm
  • adult napkin clip: 39 cm
  • pacifier clip: 24 cm
  • the clips on the children's models (napkin clip and blanky clip) are nickle-free. Only the clip for the adult napkin clip may contain nickle.
  • design: Polkadot
  • made in France


3 good reasons

  • you hate seeing your child's pacifier fall on the floor (she hates it too).
  • you are sick of constantly looking for the all-important pacifier or the favorite stuffed animal that your child has misplaced in the most baffling place possible.
  • you love seafood platters, and even though you are a grown up, you feel a lobster bib is a great way to avoid unintended decorations on your shirt.

how does it work?


Your child must use a pacifier with a ring on one end so that you can attach the pacifier clip. To attach it, simply use a cow hitch knot, for which we have included a diagram below just in case need a quick refresher of your boating knot skills.

attache tétine, tototte, tututte


The idea is simple as can be: transform any cloth napkin into a bib or attach your child's cherished lovey (blanket, stuffed animal, sock, whatever) to his car seat, clothes or pushchair strap.

To clip the napkin: attach the two corners of your napkin with the clips and it's a done deal. Perfect for not having to collect (and store) a mountain of bibs. Also a good bet for traveling light on vacation or for the weekend. The napkin clip can be easily stored in your handbag, thus you will always have a bib on hand.

The napkin clip can also be used as a blanky clip. Attach the "transitional object" on one side and clip the other where you wish: on the stroller, the nappy bag, the bed, her coat. That way, your child will never lose his lovey and you will avoid the stressful family drama where everyone goes crazy trying to find it before you leave the house.



Even us adults sometimes need a bib to keep us from messing up our clothes. This, of course, has nothing to do with how you eat your food, but what you are eating. Even the most skillful have trouble keeping their shirts immaculate when faced with a seafood platter, spaghetti bolognese, or a creamy soup. While putting on a baby bib is a definite fashion faux pas if you are over 15, there's nothing wrong with clipping a nice cloth napkin or chic tea towel around your neck. Bring it with you to a restaurant!


These clips for napkins, pacifiers and/or lovies are made in France. Particular attention is paid to important details: doubled ribbon, quality stitching, quality suspender clips.

Though they are designed for pacifiers, napkins and blankies, you can use them as you see fit: for a key chain, to attach a baby rattle, to hang something up, to transform a tea towel into an apron, or to turn a bath towel into a cape when getting out of the tub.


made in France: like Armorlux or Moulinex.

versatile: you can use this napkin clip any way you wish, let your imagination run wild!

intergenerational: your little angel will be thrilled to see that Grandpa is wearing the same napkin clip at mealtime!