Twins.It® two-person chair

  • dimensions : Height 690mm, width 775mm, depth 95mm
  • weight : 10kg
  • steel tubing 22mm diam.
  • grey powder coating
  • tubular seat back and seat in fire resistant treated polyurethane foam (CMHR, the strictest standard on the market)
  • high-usage synthetic hydrophobe polyolefin fabric (can be cleaned with a wet rag)
  • seat height: 510mm
  • design: Elinor Hartung (Sweden)
  • free delivery


3 good reasons

  • you are a teacher and need to sit next to your student in order to do your job properly
  • you are an attentive parent and would like to supervise your children's homework and projects
  • you need a bench but don't have room for one—a mini-bench would be enough

how does it work?

1. verify that the chair's dimensions are sufficient for the space where you are thinking of placing the twin chair:

la chaise tandem Twinsit

2. choose the colour you would like.

2. order your twin chair and wait for deliver, which will take between 3 and 5 days. Your package will be delivered by UPS.

3. assemble your Twins.It® twin chair in a matter of minutes (user's manual can be downloaded here). Assembly tools are provided (a six-sided Allen wrench and a wrench). Easy assembly: 2 screws to assemble the chair legs and 4 screws to attach the seat.

4. place your Twins.It® chair where you want and you are done.


Twins.It® is a solution to a real problem: sitting comfortably next to a child at a table, especially in front of a computer.

A visionary who is conscious of the increasingly intensive use of computers in schools, Elinor Hartung designed and developed this mini-bench for two people. Twins.It® is now over 10 years old. Numerous Scandinavian schools have already bought her invention.

Twins.It® provides comfortable seating with lower back support for those who spend time with children seated at a table or desk, either for schoolwork or for creative hobbies.

Conceived for intensive use in schools, Twins.It® is very sturdy. Don't be fooled, even if Twins.It® resembles some other, more famous Swedish creations, it was specifically created to survive many years of school use: thick steel tubing, stress-tested fabrics with excellent abrasion resistance (scoring above the "abrasion performance under severe conditions" of 50,000 on the Martindale test), fire-resistant treated synthetic foam and textiles, according to the strictest standards on the market (required by public institutions).


professional quality - built for schools, the Twins.It double office chair was conceived to last a long time and to be extremely kid-resistant

comfort - sturdy, equipped with lower back support and excellent quality foam, Twins.It® is as comfortable for two as it is for one

functional - nothing is more precious than the transmission of knowledge, and now that computers have invaded our schools, Twins.It® offers a solution that is perfectly adapted to an adult and a child working on a computer