Tips & Tricks tested for you

There is nothing more enraging than these stickers stuck directly onto products (by manufacturers, distributors, or… by ourselves…) and so hard to remove.

Good news: Professionals specialised in signage systems know the trick. We tested it for you, it works perfectly well. All you need to do is scrupulously follow the instructions below:


  1. get some white spirit, methylated spirit, a cloth, and a sheet of kitchen towel
  2. soak the sticker in white spirit with the cloth
  3. wait several minutes (very important, let the chemistry, like for love, do its thing…      impatient people will find themselves short changed)
  4. after several minutes, remove the sticker by hand: it must come off in one, even if only the auto adhesive film remains because you rubbed it beforehand with a sponge, you should, simply with your nail, be able to remove the “substance”
  5. with a sheet of kitchen towel and methylated spirits, clean the greasy patch remaining on the surface: methylated spirit degreases and cleans the surface.


  • white spirit + methylated spirit, nothing else ! do not use acetone that could attack the plastic or the paint on the surface
  •   avoid rubbing with an object, preferably use fingers. If you really want to use a tool, the best is a piece of plastic such as a credit card