Sjus™ lemon slice squeezer

  • dimensions : Ø 82mm
  • weight : 12g
  • material: LDPE (low density polyethylene)
  • 100% recyclable
  • design: Sjus™ (Denmark)
  • patented product
  • made in Denmark
  • sold in sets of 3


lemon slice squeezer, 3 pcs. - 2.70 € TTC

3 good reasons

  • you can no longer stand having fingers that sting or your neighbour at the table getting stroppy about you spattering acid when you are simply trying to get juice out of this slice of lemon so as not to waste
  • you have had enough of cutting up a whole lemon when you only need one slice
  • you use lemon with moderation and wish to dose it down to the drop

how does it work?

  1. cut your lemon in slices 25mm thick or half slices maximum 50mm thick (the whole slice - you will have gathered- will soon be folded in two)
  2. place the slice in your slice squeezer and clip to close
  3. press the whole surface of the Sjus slice squeezer
  4. tilt the slice squeezer to pour the desired quantity of lemon juice through the small hole designed for that purpose, and raise it to stop. Dose as you wish!
  5. wash your Sjus slice squeezer in your dish washer, but at 50°C maximum
  6. if you wish to pronounce Sjus properly, imagine a Sioux Indian, and simply add the S sound at the end !
  7. if you still can't manage to say pass me the Sjus please, simply say pass me the slice squeezer please


Indeed, you can live without the Sjus slice squeezer. People who enjoy seafood, fish, carpaccios and other dishes that come with lemon will however have noticed the inconvenience resulting from pressing a slice of lemon, often placed in the dish with the best intentions: decorate and provide a reasonable amount of lemon to accompany the dish.

Reality differs from the intention: decoration wise, it works. Dressing wise, it's another story: the most polite will discretely try and press the slice with their fork, but will be inexorably disconcerted by the inefficiency of their attempt to extract the juice. The boldest will use their hands and see the precious lemon drops sprayed everywhere except in their plates, will bite the bullet when one drop lands on their sore scratched fingers, and in the worst case, will attract the wrath of their neighbours at the table for having scattered their clothes or faces with nectar a little to acid to their liking.

This is when the Danish inventor strikes and develops the SJUS (Squeeze Juice Unique System), simple and inexpensive device to give back to lemon fans the desire to season their dishes without taking inconsiderate risks with their wounds or their entourage.


quality - amazing idea, amazing quality

originality - new in France, only LaPaDD brings you such a product

functionality - an original concept that at last allows you to use lemon slices efficiently without making a mess.