100% coton fouta

BLUE DUCK Foutah - flat weave
  • BLUE DUCK Foutah - flat weave
  • BEIGE Foutah - flat weave
  • BLUE SKY Foutah - flat weave
  • LAVENDER Foutah - flat weave
  • DARK GREY Foutah - flat weave
  • RED Foutah - flat weave
  • OFF WHITE Foutah - honeycomb weave
  • NAVY BLUE Foutah - honeycomb weave
  • DARK GREY Foutah - honeycomb weave
  • GREY Foutah - honeycomb weave
  • VERY LIGHT MAUVE Foutah - honeycomb weave
  • GREEN FOREST Foutah - honeycomb weave
  • PURPLE Foutah - honeycomb weave
  • YELLOW Foutah - honeycomb weave
  • YELLOW Foutah - honeycomb weave
  • dimensions : around 100 x 200cm
  • weight : 375g
  • flat weave
  • artisanal fabrication
  • made in Tunisia


3 good reasons

  • you like colors, pretty fabrics, textiles, cotton, lightness, in short, beautiful textile products
  • you think that terry cloth towels are always too bulky in your suitcases, whether they are towels for the bathroom of for the beach
  • you cannot imagine anything softer, more useful, or more comforting than a large, plush terry cloth towel when you get out of the bathtub, but you would like to try something new

how does it work?

A fouta is a sort of towel that Tunisians use for a visit to the steam bath (hammam). Therefore, it is a towel that can not only be used in any dry environment, but is also suited for damp ones. What makes a fouta special is its capacity to absorb well and to dry equally fast.

A fouta (also spelled "foutah") can be used in many ways. A brief survey:

In the bathroom: this is perhaps the best place to use it, as a replacement for or compliment to your terry cloth towels. Drying yourself with a fouta after a bath or shower is a very different experience than using a regular towel. First of all, you will enjoy the sense of being wrapped up in a fouta. Lighter and larger than an ordinary towel, your fouta will envelop you and give you a sense of serenity. Among other things, the fouta is much more supple and silky than a thick towel and will perfectly conform to the shape of your body. Wrapped up in a fouta, you won't be bothered by drafts of cold air and you won't even need to wipe yourself down: the fouta instantly soaks up the water on your body.

After, you will be surprised at how fast it dries—faster than your thick terry cloth towel.

Furthermore, when you hang a few foutas in your bathroom you will see how easily they dress up the room.

On the beach or by the pool: its capacity to absorb water make it a very good towel for the pool or on the beach. It also can be used as a pareo wrapped around your waist or hips, and what's more, it takes up little space in your bag—a real plus when you are carrying a huge bag with your entire family's gear.

For achieving the perfect tan, we suggest that you also use the kikoi, which has a thin terry cloth lining, yet still takes up little space.

For a picnic: compact and light, the fouta is very practical for a picnic in a backyard, on a mountain, in the country, or elsewhere...

For decoration: with all the many colors available, why not use this beautiful fabric as a tablecloth, bed cover, throw, changing table cover, or simply let your creative juices run wild and use it as a fabric for sewing with (hairband, bag, dishtowel, book bag...)

For the steam room and sauna: without at doubt, a fouta is a must!

Our current selection. Consider mixing colors, they blend beautifully.



  fouta tissage plat bleu ciel lavande  

LAVENDER flat-weave fouta


  fouta bleu ciel gris  

SKY BLUE flat-weave fouta

  fouta bleu canard  

DUCK BLUE flat-weave fouta

  fouta rouge  

RED flat-weave fouta


  fouta beige  

BEIGE flat-weave fouta

  fouta gris anthracite  

DARK GREY flat-weave fouta


  fouta écru naturel  

OFF WHITE flat-weave fouta

   fouta vert sapin    

FOREST GREEN flat-weave fouta

   fouta violet    

Striped PURPLE honeycomb-weave fouta

   fouta mauve    

Striped VERY LIGHT MAUVE honeycomb-weave fouta

   fouta gris anthracite    

Striped GREY honeycomb-weave fouta


   fouta bleu marine jeans    

Striped NAVY BLUE honeycomb-weave fouta

   fouta bleu nuit    

Striped MIDNIGHT BLUE honeycomb-weave fouta

   fouta traditionnelle anis    

YELLOW flat-weave fouta

   fouta nid abeille jaune citron  

Striped YELLOW honeycomb-weave fouta



LaPaDD hesitated for a long time before adding foutas to its store, since there are already so many on offer all over the web and in stores. Under pressure from fouta fan friends, we finally decided to go ahead and give them a try. A very positive experience, as after we tested them ourselves, we approved them and decided to offer them on our site.

Foutas are still made by artisans. It is said that the weavers are generally men, since the semi-automatic looms require a lot of strength to use. Women take care of the finishing touches, the fringes, quality control, folding, and packaging.

This artisanal quality gives them authenticity and a unique character. The many foutas made are not necessarily identical. The dimensions in a series may change by a few centimeters, the weight changes according to what kind of cord or cable is used to separate the warp and the weft on the loom. The color changes with the seasons, according to the composition of the dyers' vats and the white bands are not always exactly the same distance from the edge.

LaPaDD's fouta is essentially a seasonal product. What you might buy today, you might not find a few months from now. That said, we do our best to offer you a terrific choice of colors.

Your fouta might seem a little stiff when you receive it. We recommend that you wash it before using it so it will be as soft and delightful as it should be.


nice price: considering the many visual and tactile pleasures that your fouta will bring you, 16€ is a terrific deal.

versatile: in the final analysis, a fouta is basically an extraordinary piece of material that you can use any way you like.

easy maintenance: washes perfectly in the machine, can be dried in the dryer. If you fold it well, you won't need to iron it, even if you don't have a dryer.