a different kind of bath mat in organdy with polystyrene beads

Elegant & innovative bath mat from Raumgestalt
  • Elegant & innovative bath mat from Raumgestalt
  • Elegant & innovative bath mat from Raumgestalt
  • Elegant & innovative bath mat from Raumgestalt
  • dimensions : rectangle: 84x40cm • square: 56x56cm
  • one side black or white linen
  • one side black or white cotton organdy
  • in sections
  • filled with polystyrene beads
  • design: Raumgestalt (Germany)
  • elegant packaging
  • machine washable (max. 30°C)
  • free deliver for orders over 70€


3 good reasons

  • soaking wet bath mats drive you mad
  • for years you have been dreaming of experiencing something different when you get in and out of the bath or shower, and you haven't found a solution
  • you appreciate technical progress, but at the same time you revere time-tested materials

how does it work?

Les tapis de bains révolutionnaires en lin, coton et billes de polystyrène se posent dans ce sens

You put it on the floor in your bathroom....You put whichever side you prefer face up; the manufacturer suggests that you place the linen (opaque) side down, and the translucent side face up, under your feet.

You use it like a normal bath mat, but you will experience new sensations:

  • the impression that you are walking in the snow (without freezing your feet) or in the sand
  • great insulation from the cold tiles on the floor
  • a foot massage
  • a mild therapeutic effect by using the ligaments in your feet, thereby waking up your ankles


A combination of 3 materials (linen, cotton organdy, and polystyrene beads), this bath rug will surprise you, both by the way it looks and the way it is used. Segmented, like a down parka, it dries faster than a terry cloth or acrylic bath mat, and offers a sensory thrill, as well as real esthetic pleasure.

However, this is not the product of NASA research, but one of many creations by a brilliant design firm from Germany's Black Forest that focuses on well-being and good sense—creating a soothing environment with objects that are useful and easy to use, and have no unnecessary frills. Everything that LaPaDD loves.

One detects in this simple, functional product that combines technique with ease of use, a kind of rare wisdom: not just the appreciation of beauty, or the desire to make life easier, but also a willingness to renounce all that is overly-complex and flashy.


quick drying - considering the minimal absorption properties of the fabric (very thin cotton organdy and linen), and the water-repellant quality of the polystyrene beads, this revolutionary bath mat dries even if you leave it on the floor, and much faster than a terry cloth bath mat.

surprising - this bath mat offers you truly new sensations: it works the ligaments of your ankles like when you walk on the beach, or if you were walking with bare feet in the snow...

esthetic - the sectioned, perfectly-finished look of this product sets the tone. Cherry on the cake: it is beautifully presented in an ultra chic gift box.