Barigo analog comfort thermometer-hygrometer

  • dimensions : 100mm diam.
  • weight : 120g
  • metal case
  • spiral thermometer and hygrometer (bimetal)


Barigo comfort thermometer hygrometer - 69.00 € TTC


3 good reasons

  • you want to know when it is time to activate your radiator humidifiers at the beginning of winter
  • you are a hedonist at heart, and your passion for comfort makes you want to be able to have constant control of your indoor climate
  • you appreciate battery-free, precise and elegant measurement instruments

how does it work?

face avant du thermomètre hygromètre d'intérieur analogique BarigoA quality, German-made combination analog thermometer and hygrometer, this comfort indicator offers excellent readability, highlighting the comfort zone: between 18 and 22°C for temperature and between 46 and 68% for humidity.

Best used indoors or in a place that is protected from the elements.


In theory, you don't need to calibrate the factory settings, especially for the thermometer (reliable, sturdy bimetal technology). If the need arises, it can be calibrated by using a thin, flat screwdriver to change the position of the adjustment slots on the back of the case (for the thermometer, see the hole on the bottom right).

dos du thermomètre/hygromètre d'intérieur (confortmetre) Barigo

If you are using your thermometer-hygrometer in a very dry environment, you should regenerate your hygrometer ever 3 to 6 months by putting it in a container filled with water (see instruction manual) for a few hours. You can then recalibrate the hygrometer manually by changing the position of the adjustment slots with a thin, flat screwdriver.



This comfort thermo-hygrometer should be hung on the wall using a small hook, a nail, or a screw with a width of not more than 5mm, which is the size of the hole on the back of the case.


Perfected in 1781 by eminent Swiss naturalist, mountaineer, and geologist Horace Benedict de Saussure, the hair hygrometer is the ancestor of the spiral technology used in this comfort thermo-hygrometer.

If indoor temperature is relatively easy to figure out without a measuring instrument, it is a room's relative humidity (or hygrometry, for physics fans) that determines the sensation of comfort. A few facts:

  • hot air gets saturated with humidity slower than cool air, thus 70% humidity will feel more "pleasant" at 20°C than at 30°C
  • indoor plants and flowers are unhappy when the humidity level dips below 50%
  • overly dry indoor air can provoke respiratory problems (humidity below 30%)
  • Air humidity in France is usually in a rage of 70 to 80% (which doesn't keep French people from using moisturizing creams, unlike people in the Philippines, where in an atmosphere of almost 100% humidity, skin doesn't dehydrate)
  • Indoors, breathing, sweating, cooking, and bathing all create steam and consequently impact humidity. Therefore, it is necessary to air rooms out (with fans, exhaust fans, or simply opening a window)
  • in winter, heaters—particularly electric heaters—dry out air. Using a humidifier will help compensate for this loss of humidity
  • storing cigars or aging wine requires humidity levels above 70%


analog - aside from regenerating the hygrometer from time to time, there is no maintenance and no batteries to change.

elegant and readable - Compatible with any interior decor, this comfort thermo-hygrometer is always elegant as well as readable thanks to its two needles and read-at-a-glance comfort zones.

quality - Made mostly by hand in Germany at Barigo, measurement instrument specialist since 1926.