Book Brush book duster

  • dimensions : H 22 x L 14 x W 3 cm
  • weight : 900g
  • black lacquered beech wood
  • black nylon bristles
  • notch cut bristles (two lengths)
  • designer: Arik Levy
  • free delivery for orders over 70€


Book Brush book duster - 60.00 € TTC


3 good reasons

  • You like cleaning tools that blend into their environment and are always right where you need them
  • You are a book collector and take good care of your large bookshelves, but you are allergic to dust
  • You would like to send a clear message to someone who you know is a book lover: this superb collection should be dusted more often!

how does it work?

  1. The Book Brush is stored amongst your books, like a novel. Once in place, you only see its pretty binding, attractively lacquered in black and silkscreened with silver ink
  2. Since it is permanently tucked into its workplace, you can give in to any sudden urge to dust your books that comes upon you as you look through your shelves


This ingenious duster allows you to easily dispense with any dust that collects on your books and their shelves. The idea is simple and effective.

This dust brush elegantly slips in between the books on your shelf since it is the shape and size of a good novel. And since it is always there when you need it, doing a little dusting becomes easy as can be. No need to go searching for a brush in a far-off utility closet.

The Book Brush makes it easy to thoroughly clean your books because it has specially notched bristles that make it possible to get to the dust in the corners.

The aptly named Book Brush was specially designed to clean bookshelves and books.


design: a duster or brush is rarely a designer object. With the Book Brush, Arik Levy has created an esthetic object that is conceived to be stored in the middle of your most beautiful books, all the while attracting admiration thanks to its beautiful lacquered and silkscreened binding.

easy: you can always take out your vacuum cleaner to get rid of the dust on your books. However, using your vacuum cleaner nozzle can be a lot more work and hassle than a quick dusting with a brush.

multifunctional: in your library, on your shelves, in a drawer, on books, manuscripts, or other documents, DVDs, cassettes, CDs, or comic books, cookbooks...the Book Brush can be used for many dusting jobs.