bottle brush for blinds

High quality specific brushes from Germany
  • High quality specific brushes from Germany
  • High quality specific brushes from Germany
  • dimensions : 4 brushes, each Ø25mm and 10cm long
  • weight : 70g
  • black goat hair, stainless steel and oiled beech wood handle
  • bristle length: 10cm
  • handle 12cm
  • design: Redecker (Germany, brush specialist for more than 75 years)
  • made in Germany


bottle brush for blinds - 18.90 € TTC


3 good reasons

  • you are a perfectionist, vacuuming the floor and leaving dust on the slats of your blinds seems to you like a heresy
  • you cannot stand the tedious cleaning of your blinds, slat by slat, and wish to acquire the right tool adapted to the situation which will save you time
  • you are allergic to dust and to the millions of dust mites that roam in it

how does it work?

brosse à stores venitiens : idéale pour nettoyer rapidement les lamelles du store

1.for blinds with swivelling slats, position them as horizontally as possible

2.insert the bottle brush between the slats and make it slide on the whole length of the slat

True dust-catchers, blinds with slats, vertical blinds or Venetian blinds are very difficult to clean and call for cleaning slat by slat if you use a cloth or a standard brush.

With this bottle brush and its four 25mm diameter goat hair brushes, you divide by 5 the cleaning time of Venetian blinds! Made with very flexible goat hair, it is ultra efficient.






traditional quality - German design and manufacturing

natural materials - goat hair and beech wood, produced in line with sustainable development standards

optimal functionality - the perfect tool for a specific use, admittedly, but so time consuming when you are not properly equipped