Brown Paper Bag or Lunch Bag® insulated lunch bag for picnics or bag lunches

  • dimensions : H24cm x L20cm x W13cm
  • thickness when empty: 2cm
  • material: waterproof and un-tearable tyvek®
  • insulating material: aluminium
  • magnetic closure with 2 powerful magnets
  • design: Luckies (UK)
  • clean with damp sponge
  • made in China


Lunch Bag in tyvek® - 17.00 € TTC


3 good reasons

  • you love American-style brown paper delicatessen bags, but you'd like one that is insulated and that you can use again and again
  • you often pack a sack lunch to bring with you and you are looking for a insulated bag that is neither too big or too small, light and easy to store when empty
  • you are a fan of graffiti culture and you want to customize your insulated bag

how does it work?

Like a regular insulated bag but more fun. You put your sandwich and other goodies inside, close the bag with the magnets, roll the top to make it into a handle, and voila!

Tyvek outside, insulated aluminium inside, your Lunch Bag will keep your lunch hot in winter, and your salads, juices and smoothies cool in the summer. With no visible closure mechanism, the Lunch Bag resembles the famous brown bag found in grocery stores in the US, but it closes perfectly and is well-insulated. Just roll the top of the bag two times and it will seal automatically thanks to its closure mechanism (powerful, yet invisible magnets).

The Lunch Bag has advantages that the other insulated bags on the market do not:

Flexible: you can easily put it in a handbag, a backpack, a school bag, a suitcase, a glove compartment, a bicycle basket, etc.

Washable: don't worry about wrapping your sandwiches and other food in umpteen layers of plastic wrap; you can clean the Brown Paper Bag with a damp sponge both inside and out.

Customizable: if possible, use a permanent marker in case your Lunch Bag gets wet, and write or draw whatever you want on the outside. Take advantage this opportunity to write a note to someone you love!

Cool: isn't this the coolest insulated bag ever?


Le Tyvek est un matériau exceptionnelTyvek is a sort of modern day papyrus. Discovered almost by accident in 1955 by the DuPont researcher Jim White (he observed a sort of white polyethylene fluff come out of a pipe in a research laboratory), Tyvek was patented a year later. Several more years were necessary before it was ready for prime time and it was put on the market in 1967, mainly for book covers, labels, and certain types of clothing.

This unwoven textile, which is 100% synthetic (polyethylene), has many exceptional properties:

  • very light and flexible
  • naturally white and opaque, with a smooth surface
  • virtually indestructible and very resistant to deformation (dimensional stability)
  • waterproof and rot-proof
  • acid- and solvent-resistant
  • non-toxic and recyclable

It is principally used in construction (perfect for insulating North American wood houses), envelopes (very light and tear-resistant) and protective covers and clothing (waterproof and acid-resistant). Costa Rica even made its banknotesout of Tyvek in 1983.

Lunch Pot de Black & Blum : facile à transporter, compartimenté, élégant


The Lunch Pot

Advantages: easily carried thanks to its handle + separates cold from hot.

Drawback: more adapted to soft food

See Lunch Pot

Thermo Pot Black & Blum : un thermos pour les aliments design et fonctionnel


The Thermo Pot

Advantages: maintains food hot or cold for 5h, ideal in the forest for example + important capacity (500ml)

Drawback: cannot contain a whole menu (starter, main course, dessert, drink)

See Thermo Pot

La boite type bento compartimentée ultra fonctionnelle


The Bento style Lunch Box

Advantages: separates hot from cold + can hold salads thanks to the French dressing container included + can be heated in the microwave + its fork knife is ingenious.

Drawback: big eaters will find doses a bit small.

See Appetite Lunch Box

Brown Paper Bag isotherme : un sac isotherme en tyvek déguisé en sac kraft iconique


The Insulated Bag

Advantages: keeps food cool + fits perfectly at the bottom of a bag + gathers a whole picnic together.

Drawback: does not separate hot from cold



light and flexible: it is so light that after your meal, you can fold it up and forget about it

alive: Tyvek is a little like leather: strong, won't tear, won't rot, and the more you use it, the better it looks

iconic: functional and durable, the brown paper bag is a lasting symbol of consumer culture