Cable Bone designer cable organizer

  • dimensions : 185x75mm
  • recyclable polypropylene (PE)
  • colour: black
  • designer: Dr. Jürgen Held
  • made in Germany
  • free delivery for orders over 70€


cable bone black - 3.00 € TTC


3 good reasons

  • you've had it up to here with that tangled mess of cables that could cause an accident any day now
  • you like it when everything is neat and clean
  • you can finally make sense of the chaos of cords behind your TV or your computer

how does it work?

L'enrouleur de câble en situationHere is a photo that replaces an instruction book. Of course, the cable spool can be used for any kind of cable, not just the one pictured:

  • power cords
  • network cables
  • computer cables
  • as well as yarn, thread, etc.


A product that is very simple and inexpensive, yet highly useful for putting an end to the chaos of cables imposed on us by computers, Internet connections, and other electronic items.

Simply roll the excess cable around a Cable Bone. Its curved ends hold the cords together securely without pinching them.


simple - do you really need an instruction book?

pretty - elegant German design

inexpensive - you can give them as gifts in pairs