cast aluminium folding seat

Wonderful cast aluminium folding seat
  • Wonderful cast aluminium folding seat
  • Wonderful cast aluminium folding seat
  • Wonderful cast aluminium folding seat
  • dimensions : width 32cm, length 40cm
  • available with glossy (chrome) or matte finish
  • cast aluminium
  • seat covers in felt or suede (optional)
  • design: Hans Edblad and Tove Adman (Denmark)
  • distance between drilled holes (horizontal): 270mm
  • distance between drilled holes (vertical): 150mm
  • max. load: 150kg (assuming that the wall and the hardware used to attach the seat can also hold 150kg.
  • screws and wall plugs are not supplied
  • do not mount on drywall or plasterboard.


3 good reasons

  • you are a fan of designer objects in cast aluminium
  • in your kitchen, or bathroom, or entryway, or bedroom, there is a little corner where you'd like to put a chair but there's really not enough room
  • you are a theatre and film enthusiast, and just looking at a folding seat gives you a thrill. Set the scene of your dreams.

how does it work?

first of all, choose your finish

finition brillante / aspect chromé   finition mate / aspect brossé    

glossy, chrome-like finish


matte, brushed finish






  1. carefully choose the spot where the folding seat will be installed and make sure the wall's components are compatible (solid materials, cinder-block, brick, or wood). Note that plaster walls will not support a folding seat.
  2. mark where you will drill the holes leaving a space of 270mm between the holes (horizontally), a space of 150mm between the holes (vertically), and ensuring that the measurements are perfectly horizontal (use a spirit level to check before drilling). The recommended height for the seat is 480mm (therefore, the upper holes should be around 520mm from the floor)
  3. get fixation hardware that is adapted to your wall(10mm steel anchor bolts for stone, brick, or cement walls, 40 to 80mm, 8mm diam. heavy-load wood screws for attaching to a solid wood wall)
  4. to attach with anchor bolts, use a drill to make holes in the wall, using a 10mm diam. cement drill bit
  5. place the seat on the two supports, firmly screw making sure there is no space between the supports and the wall.


Hans Edblad and Tove Adman are Danish designers who generally specialize in jewelery. Here they have created a superb design, sleek and fluid, in keeping with the tradition of functional Scandinavian design that LaPaDD reveres: a folding seat is by definition useful, furnishing an extra seat that doesn't take up extra space.

Its sleek and timeless style works with a classic interior decor as well as a contemporary ambiance or loft space. Two optional seat covers are available (reindeer leather or organic felt), giving you extra options for coordinating colours and creating a mix of materials that are both esthetic and high-quality.

Combined with the matching Edblad large shoehorn, also in cast aluminium, it becomes the perfect place to put on and take off your shoes.

Take your time to decide where to put it because once it is installed, it won't move. That's what we like about it: it is always where it should be, unlike a stool or a chair.


design - original, organic, pure, very versatile, fitting in any ambiance without sacrificing its folding seat functionality.

indestructible - the most ultra-resistant materials—cast aluminium will last longer than most human beings and won't rust in a wet environment!

original - it is rare to find a folding seat in a private home; this exceptional model will be even more so in yours: amaze your friends!