compact metal brush for barbecue and cooking grills

  • dimensions : Ø5cm H7.5cm
  • weight : 85g.
  • untreated beech wood
  • brass wire
  • design: Redecker (Germany, brush specialist for more than 75 years)
  • made in Germany


cleaning brush for barbecues - 5.90 € TTC

3 good reasons

  • you love grilled meat and want it to be seared on an immaculate grill
  • you are the protective kind and know of the carcinogen threat of carbon cooked over and over again
  • you have cooking plates, grills or other things to scrub, and are looking for a tool that is efficient, compact and easy to use

how does it work?

Simply scrub thoroughly to clean a barbecue grill, an oven grill, the cast iron parts of a gas cooker or any other metal object to scrub clean

A trick from Redecker the manufacturer

For those who have a garden: when your grill is cold, lie it on the grass and leave throughout the night. The dew will partly do the job. The following morning, scrub your grill, it is much easier to clean.

For those who do not have grass at hand: spray your grill with soapy water and place it inside a sealed plastic bag. Leave throughout the night. Clean the following morning.


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Him Her

1. The man gets the barbecue and the charcoal out.



2. The woman cleans the grill.

3. The woman goes to the grocer's.

4. The woman goes to the butcher's.

5. The woman goes to the baker's.

6. The woman prepares salads and vegetables.

7. The woman prepares the meat for cooking.

8. The woman places it on a tray with the necessary utensils, spices and herbs.

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10. The man places the meat on the grill.


11. The woman goes inside to lay the table.

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13. The woman prepares dessert.

14. The woman goes back outside to tell her husband the meat is burning

15. The man takes the overcooked meat from the grill and brings it to the woman.


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24. And seeing her sceptical look, the man concludes that women are never satisfied.



non cumbersome: compact but very efficient, it can be stored anywhere and remains at hand.

simple: a simple object that only requires the strength of your wrist; no complicated electrical system, no plastic, no convoluted design.

economic: a small price for a sturdy and environmentally friendly object .