Cracky the design nutcracker that looks hot

  • dimensions : 18x15cm
  • weight : 205g
  • aluminium
  • design: Jack Mankiewicz
  • packaging: printed cotton sleeve
  • patented product
  • free delivery for orders over 70€


Cracky design nutcracker - 34.50 € TTC


3 good reasons

  • God gave us nuts, but we need to crack them ourselves
  • you like large nuts, medium sized nuts and hazelnuts, but you only want one nutcracker that looks hot
  • you like dolphins and tyrannosaurus

how does it work?

  • Cracky is equipped with a spring that guarantees it always has its mouth wide open
  • Cracky cannot close its mouth completely (it is however very quiet when it is not in use): pulverized and flattened nuts are over!
  • Cracky has very large teeth, that respect large nuts as well as small hazelnuts
  • Cracky has curved jaws, which improves its bite on nuts and avoids letting go of its prey
  • Cracky is made of aluminium, you can always try and break it by clasping it with all your strength, you will not succeed
Cracky, le casse-noix design et efficace

Operating instructions

  1. insert the nut or hazelnut as far down as possible into Cracky's mouth, until it jams (hazelnuts just about touch its glottis)
  2. you squeeze the handle with your hand, remembering to remove the fingers that hold the nut between Cracky's teeth
  3. you eat the nut or hazelnut


You immediately fall for Cracky, at first sight and the first time you hold it in your hands. Simply because this is an animal that combines numerous qualities:


  • design contest animal, it will probably win many beauty prizes very soon
  • working animal, it breaks nuts better than most nutcrackers on sale
  • hybrid animal, it has the dolphin's smile, the tyrannosaurus' bite and the crocodile's jaw
  • working animal, it fulfils its nutcracker duty as long as your hand withstands the effort
  • trained animal, it is ergonomic and superbly handled
  • sobriety animal, it offers its services for a very reasonable price

Cracky really is a great nutcracker!


functional -the Cracky nutcracker is above all efficient: little strength is needed to break a nut, it adapts to all formats of nuts, it breaks the shell without pulverising the precious kernel

design - Jack Mankiewicz rapidly found a manufacturer for his Cracky, because an object that is beautiful as well as efficient is bound to be successful

jolly - half tyrannosaurus, half dolphin, Cracky smiles from ear to ear, and at first sight makes us forget the viciousness of its paternal grandfathers