designer tray in acrylic glass (matches paper towel holder)

  • dimensions : 21 x 29 cm
  • weight : 795g
  • PMMA (plexiglas)
  • design : Henriette Hyldgaard (DK)
  • made in Taiwan
  • available in four colours (crystal, white, neon pink, black)


3 good reasons

  • you know that a tray is always useful: breakfast, tea, dinner in front of the TV, or cocktails and snacks.
  • you know that organization and efficiency are essential if you want a little more time for yourself: to clear the table, nothing like a big platter to reduce the number of round trips between the table and the dishwasher.
  • Like Jørgen Møller and many other Scandinavians, you feel that everyday objects should be designed to please our sense of esthetics.

how does it work?'s a tray. You get the picture?

In any event, don't throw it (it's not a Frisbee), don't drop it (a platter is not a rubber ball), and don't use it for moving (instead, put it in the cardboard box to protect it).

This tray has 2 holes on each side for your fingers so you can hold it securely, giving it an extra designer touch that makes it even more pleasing to look at.


Available in crystal (transparent), white, neon pink or black (translucent), this tray adapts to all interiors: if your decor is on the dark and somber side, opt for the neon pink colour. The plexiglas picks up rays of light, giving the impression that it is lit up from the inside. If on the other hand, you already have plenty of colour in your dishes, try one of the more classic hues, which will almost certainly match one of the dominant colours in your tableware palette.

The acrylic tray is the indispensable partner of the paper towel holder, conceived by the same designer and available in the same colours.


quality: a functional, elegant design and quality plexiglas

originality: the neon pink colour is fantastic with its truly neon edges; the other colours will remind you of the golden age of 70s design.

practical: easy to wash and easy to carry, thanks to its lateral holds. With its matching paper towel holder, this ensemble guarantees an ultra chic cocktail hour.