endless note pad for table or wall by Sebastian Bergne

  • dimensions : L 25cm x W .8 cm x D 1.5mm
  • weight : 570g (with packaging) / 346g in use
  • steel with metallic paint and silk-screen
  • 30m paper roll (standard size for adding machine, 57mm)
  • integrated serrated end for easy cutting
  • small slots spaced 1 cm apart for drawing horizontal lines
  • integrated pencil holder
  • comes with 2 rolls of 30m + 1 pencil with eraser tip
  • design: Sebastian Bergne (GB)


endless note pad - 34.00 € TTC


3 good reasons

  • in today's world of Internet, smartphones and e-commerce, you find that a piece of paper where you can just write something down is a treasure
  • you hate to give up part of your precious memory space to trifles, shopping lists, and other things that you shouldn't forget, and are in search of an analog, reliable, and rustic place to put them
  • you are gaining wisdom and maturity but worry about tying your brain in knots when you have to shop because your children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren arrive for the weekend

how does it work?

le rouleau de papier déroulant bloc note à l'infiniInstallation

Can be hung on the wall (with one screw) or simply placed on a table, a desk...thus, possible vertical or horizontal memo pad utilization.

Comes with a pencil with an eraser tip. Two holes allow you to store the pencil no matter what position the notepad (vertical or horizontal).


Changing the roll of paper

Even if this note pad comes with two 30-meter long paper rolls, you may run out, and when you do, it is very easy to get extra rolls (standard paper roll for printing adding machines, 57mm wide).


Cutting the paper

The bottom of the note pad has an efficient and serrated edge so you can cut make a quick, clean, cut. The small slots also let you draw horizontal dashes easily.


general public - a familiar object for the older set, a pleasure for design fans, and fun for kids.

useful - rare are those among us who don't need to write down a shopping list, a telephone number, or an address.

reliable and available - once installed, the endless notepad functions even when the electricity goes out and doesn't need batteries, just a pen that works.