Entry Butler™ wall pocket with magnetic memo board

  • dimensions : 32cm x 10.2cm x 2.5cm
  • weight : 442g.
  • tariff code : 7323.1000
  • stainless steel
  • sturdy construction
  • 3 neodymium magnets included
  • hardware included (2 screws + 2 wall plugs)
  • 1 mail holder
  • 1 telephone holder (on top)
  • 2 hooks
  • design: Gwen Weinberg for Three by Three (Seattle, USA)
  • made in China


3 good reasons

  • you have little space in your entryway but you need a small storage space that is practical and accessible
  • you want to optimize your office space so you can better manage your mail, memos and other tools that you use often
  • you have been dreaming of a magnetic addition to your life and you want to make sure to have the perfect set up when the time comes

how does it work?

un système de rangement compact et astucieuxInstallation

Hang it on the wall using the included screws and wall plugs (drill bit diameter: 6mm). With the help of a spirit level, draw a horizontal line on the wall, marking off two points for the screws separated by a distance of 53mm. Position the empty wall pocket on the screws, and slide the screws into the notches: the Entry Butler is ready for use.

A multi-functional wall pocket

Though it is very compact (it takes up 32 x 10.2cm on your wall), thanks to its ingenious design, this wall pocket offers plenty of storage space:

  • in front, a 28 x 10cm magnetic board, ideal for posting and storing business cards, photos, memos, and other bits of paper
  • 2 sturdy hooks for hanging whatever you want from the bottom
  • in its "belly," a large space that is perfect for storing mail or other papers. 2.5cm deep and 22cm high, very practical for holding letters that need to be mailed or today's post
  • a space designed to hold a mobile phone, a thin GPS, or whatever else seems logical on top of the wall pocket


compact - an slender storage area for entryways or offices with little available space

multifunctional - post notes or Post-Its, charge your cell phone, stack your mail, all in the same object

quality - American specifications for a product that, yes, is made in China, but is also well-made and sturdy enough to meet all your needs