Flowernail pretty decorative nails by Raumgestalt

  • dimensions : nail Ø 2mm, flower Ø 10mm, length 4cm
  • weight : negligible
  • stainless steel
  • design: Masaharu Ono (Yamaha)
  • made in Germany
  • sold in packs of 3 or 6
  • free delivery for orders over 70€


3 good reasons

  • you want to be able to admire the nail once knocked in
  • you like the simplicity and the usefulness of a nail, but find standard nails ugly
  • you believe in flower power

how does it work?

To knock in a luxury nail, you concentrate and respect best practice for nail hammering... Here are the basic rules to knock a nail into wood:

  1. you get hold of a Flowernail decorative nail and a proper woodman's hammer (or a ramponneau, or an American hammer, but you avoid using a spanner, a sledgehammer, the flat part of the hatchet or a stone...)
  2. you position your nail at a right angle to the surface (if the surface to pierce is fragile and risks splitting, it is preferable to tilt the nail, even flatten its tip a little with a slight hammering on the tip), holding it between your thumb and index.
  3. you tap it lightly two or three times to point (mark the position where you want to drive in the nail) in order to stop the nail slipping when you hit it harder
  4. you now hit harder with the hammer to knock the nail in to the desired depth, using your elbow rather than your wrist.

A few tricks depending on the materials:

  • nails do not generally go well with concrete, too hard to be pierced by a nail (most times, the nail bends first). If you are really keen on knocking a nail into a concrete wall, best is to pre pierce it with a concrete drill, the snag being that a 1.5 mm diameter concrete drill cannot be found... The solution is to drill a bigger hole (with the smallest drill you can find), get the dust out, fill it with a suitable product (filler, drywall glue), then just before it becomes dry, insert the nail. Let it dry thoroughly before hanging anything from the nail.
  • to knock a nail in plaster boards, be gentle: mark the position with a nail punch to avoid slipping (even pre pierce with a drill less than 2mm in diameter), if possible lay down some sticky tape to limit the risks of the plaster crumbling, dip the tip of the nail in hot water or paraffin and knock it in straight away.


A nail is an anodyne object as well as useful. Standard nails have no aesthetic dimension since they are made of rather unattractive materials (zinc-plated steel, galvanized steel, brass-plated steel, polished steel...), and their design is strictly functional (flat head, round head, brad nails...). Only tapestry professionals offer decorative nails, ill adapted to DIY use, not very practical to hang a frame or a key.

Like Elke Bisinger with the laser engraved basin plug, Raumgestalt and Masaharu Ono revisited a day to day, trivial, and totally standardized object, to turn it into a small design marvel. This is precisely what we like at LaPaDD!


aesthetic - a nail with a flower head in nice chrome-plated steel

versatile - 4cm long and 2mm in diameter, this is a format that provides opportunities: hang a frame elegantly, hang your precious objects (keys, jewellery), unleash your creativity...

poetic - a little poetry in this world of savages will not harm anyone!