Fridge Monkey bottle wedge

  • dimensions : 240×100×10 mm
  • nonslip mat
  • TPE (thermoplastic elastomere)
  • colours: red, cream, electric blue, or charcoal
  • design by Mode Design
  • made in the UK
  • machine washable


3 bonnes raisons

  • you want to stock more bottles and cans in your fridge
  • You have had enough of bottles that roll over when you take one out
  • You want to ensure maximum safety for your 'grands crus'

comment ça marche ?

Le cale-bouteilles Fridge Monkey disponible en rouge, crème, charbon et bleu électrique
  1. choose your colour: red, cream, charcoal, electric blue
  2. place it in your fridge
  3. lay your bottles flat on to it: wine bottles, beer bottles, champagne bottles, it accepts all formats and ensures your pyramid has solid foundations!








en détail

The Fridge Monkey is a flexible mat designed to optimize your storage space and prevent bottles or cans from rolling over in your fridge.

Named as a tribute to "brass monkeys", copper plates on which were placed the Royal Navy cannonballs at the time of Napoleonic wars, the Fridge Monkey is a very crafty product, that adapts to any type of bottle or can.

Designed by Mode Design (UK),it has been nominated numerous times at different contests. Acclaimed by the British media, it is the winnner of Design Plus 2008, and won the seal of approval for "highly commended Gift of the Year 2007"

les plus

quality - designed by the British company Mode Design, the Fridge Monkey is beautifully finished. Made of flexible thermoplastic elastomere, it is unbreakable.

versatile -it can be used to pile up glass cans, aluminium cans, plastic or glass bottles (wine, champagne, fizzy drinks, fruit juice).

discrete - the thinness of the Fridge Monkey makes it unnoticed when you don't pile bottles up. You can happily put something on it without having to remove it from the fridge.