Hat designer wall door stop

  • dimensions : diam. 60mm, 22mm thick
  • weight : 235g
  • tariff code : 7323.1000
  • stainless steel and rubber
  • hardware included (screw + wall plug)
  • design: Wolfgang Beiler-Schlehaider
  • packaging: bubble wrap
  • made in Germany


Hat wall door stop - 27.00 € TTC

3 good reasons

  • you live where the mistral, tramontane, autan, cers, foehn, ponant, meltem, sirocco, or other famous wind blows but you can't stand the noise of slamming doors
  • you have such a refined sense of hearing that a door slamming could damage your eardrums
  • you are a savvy host or hostess and you want to keep your guests from banging the bathroom door against the wall and leaving a door knob imprint

how does it work?


  1. mark on the wall where you want to place the door stop (use the door handle or knob as a reference if necessary)
  2. drill a 6mm-diameter hole
  3. remove dust, insert wall plug
  4. remove the rubber piece, insert the screw in the stainless steel base, and firmly tighten screw
  5. put the rubber piece back on the base: it's ready for use


A top quality floor door stop (solid stainless steel, German manufacture), easy-to-use and effective, designed by a German high-end hardware specialist who as also authored many products on sale on this site.

This product is coordiated with the Towerman floor door stop.


easy - easy to install, hardware included

understated - a discreet and timeless design that goes with any style of decor

functional - with its extra-large (1cm thick) rubber ring, the Hat door stop truly absorbs shocks