Herbertz® of Solingen classic folding mushroom knife with brush

  • dimensions : closed: L13.5cm / open: L20.5cm
  • weight : 94g
  • waxed wood handle
  • 7cm stainless steel blade, AISI 420 grade
  • very sharp
  • scraper on the bottom of the blade
  • integrated natural bristle brush
  • made in Solingen, famous German knife capital


folding mushroom knife - 23.90 € TTC

3 good reasons

  • you love ceps, boletes, chanterelles, oyster mushrooms, black trumpets and other fungal wonders and want to have the perfect tool on hand when you go mushroom hunting
  • you would like thank someone who let you pick bushels of mushrooms on his land by giving him a magnificent mushroom knife
  • you know that a sharp blade and a good brush are always precious tools when working in your garden

how does it work?

Couteau à champignons Herbertz - comment ça marche ?Couteau à champignons Herbertz - comment ça marche ?

The C. Jul. Herbertz mushroom knife - a beautiful object

Comparable to a French Opinel, this knife is a classic in Germany, and very much worth its affordable price.

  • integrated natural bristle brush
  • comfortable oiled wood handle
  • quality stainless steel blade AISI 420 with a 7cm curve and scraper

This knife is a practical and faithful companion for gardeners, kitchen garden farmers, and other forest and nature lovers.


A few mushroom hunting tips

  1. no plastic bags (risk of toxic reaction on contact), use wicker baskets and fabric bags
  2. remove soil and leaves onsite, while you are still in the forest (with this mushroom knife, it's child's play)
  3. keep the mushroom intact and whole, so that it keeps its characteristic elements (for example, the stem) and you can identify it
  4. don't destroy mushrooms that are toxic (for you), because they are often very useful to forest creatures
  5. if a freshly-picked mushroom is just too ugly to eat, leave it where you found it, it helps maintain the forest's ecological balance
  6. avoid mushrooms that have been nibbled by worms or are very damaged
  7. always eat wild mushrooms cooked, never raw


perfect for mushroom hunters - just what you need to pick and scrape off mushrooms

excellent value - superb quality, made in Solingen in Germany out of top quality materials for a minimal price

versatile - this knife can also be used in the garden or the vegetable patch