Just Married adhesive tape for weddings and newlyweds

  • dimensions : roll 33m x 5cm wide
  • Tesa quality adhesive
  • design: Donkey Creative Lab (Germany)
  • 1 bag of rice included :-)
  • made in Germany


Just Married adhesive tape - 7.00 € TTC


3 good reasons

  • you are in charge of organizing surprises at your best friend's wedding and you have decided to make them a nice chain of pots and pans stamped Just Married
  • you believe that gift wrap should perfectly match the occasion
  • you have been given free rein to decorate the wedding reception room and you have plenty of ideas for this scotch tape that will give the setting a fun visual style

how does it work?

It's adhesive tape: you pull it out, cut it, and stick it on things.

If you want to tape something securely, however, make sure that the surface you are going to stick it to is clean.

Also be careful not to use this scotch tape on precious or fragile surfaces. This tape sticks well, so you shouldn't use it on surfaces that might tear when you pull it off (the scotch tape, that is), or that might be damaged if you have to scratch it a little to remove the last scraps of tape, such as painted surfaces, veneered furniture, or top-quality carpets.

Le scotch Just Marrieddetails

Let your creative impulses run wild.

A few examples of how the tape might be used for marriages:

  • gift wrap
  • signs on the floor or the wall
  • table decoration
  • around a flower pot
  • menu sticker
  • wall mural
  • photo frame
  • flag
  • ...


fun - it's long, it sticks, and is creative fuel for fertile imaginations.

international - you can just as easily use this Just Married decorative adhesive tape for your Breton cousin Coralie as your American buddy Jerry!

unusual - head off to a marriage with this roll of scotch tape in your pocket and with a little imagination and a lot of chatting up you could become attraction number 2 by sharing it and using it collectively!