Large Tyvek® bags by Raumgestalt

  • rectangle: 48x32x35cm
  • laundry basket size: 35x35x60cm
  • tyvek®
  • tear-proof, endlessly foldable and unfoldable
  • waterproof
  • cotton handles
  • rigid bottom made of transparent PE
  • design: Raumgestalt (Germany)
  • made in Germany
  • free delivery for orders over 70€


3 good reasons

  • you tidy on a daily basis, and finding the right solutions is a real thrill to you
  • you want a transportable, light, resistant, and compact bag
  • you like pure and simple shapes and the ultrawhite chic

how does it work?

  1. unfold the bag and open it wide
  2. take the transparent plastic bottom and push it right to the bottom of the bag: this ensures the rigidity of the bag that remains open

There, your bag is ready to welcome dirty laundry, newspapers, beach towels or anything you want.

Even if it would withstand the weight easily, we do not recommend this bag to carry packs of beer or milk: to that purpose, prefer large Swedish blue bags, admittedly not as nice but more adapted to heavy loads and easily replaceable.


Le Tyvek est un matériau exceptionnelTyvek is to some extent the modern papyrus. Discovered practically by chance in 1955 by the Dupont researcher Jim White (he observed some kind of polyethylene white plush escape from a pipe in a research laboratory), tyvek was patented a year later: adjusting it took several more years and it was put to market in 1967, principally designed for the manufacturing of book covers, labels, and some clothes.

This 100% synthetic (polyethylene) non woven fabric offers a number of exceptional properties:

  • extremely light and flexible
  • naturally white and opaque, smooth surface
  • practically tear-proof, excellent resistance to distortion (dimensional stability)
  • waterproof and rot proof
  • resistant to acid and solvents
  • non toxic and recyclable

Its main uses are for building (ideal for isolation of north American houses made out of wood), envelopes (tear-proof and very light), covers and protection clothing (waterproof and resistant to acid). Costa Rica even used tyvek to make bank notes in 1983.


thin but robust - the cumbersome/solidity ratio of tyvek is exceptional: this thin, foldable, and light bag will surprise you with its solidity

improves with age - tyvek, like leather, denim or wood, is a material that improves with time: its touch becomes softer, its appearance acquires a patina and its surface becomes more silky

chic at rest as well as in motion - its simple and timeless design, the finesse of its finishing touches and its great resistance make it a chic as well as functional tidying tool: as nice to use in motion or still, the large tyvek bag will adapt to the use you make of it.