luxury beech wood and leather fly or mosquito swatter

  • dimensions : length 51 cm - width 10.5 cm
  • weight : 90g
  • oiled beech wood handle
  • leather strap to hang the swatter
  • perforated full grain leather swatter for better air penetration
  • design: Redecker (Germany, brush specialist for more than 75 years)
  • made in Germany


luxury insect swatter - 13.90 € TTC

3 good reasons

  • you have just read the 2010 WHO report and learnt that the mosquito is the first human predator, with an annual hit list of 216 million sick people and 655,000 dead from malaria.
  • you want to be properly armed against wasps, flies, mosquitoes and other annoying flying insects
  • you need a spare fly swatter when your electric Chinese swatter runs out of batteries

how does it work?

Let your predator instinct guide you...

Some advice however:

  • keep an eye on the insect (the target)
  • do not squash insects on a person's body (even less on a child's body) or an animal's body (unpredictable reactions)
  • use the speed of your wrist rather than large movements with your arm (similar to the difference between tennis and badminton)
  • for flies, aim 5cm above the target (the fly will systematically take off in the opposite direction of the origin if the blow, this is what makes it so self-confident...)


If some philosophies or religions radically disagree with the killing of insects
(or any other living being), however small they are, one has to admit that our rich gastronomic culture and the pleasures of our temperate climate do not often agree with certain flying insects such as flies, wasps or mosquitoes.

Let us however get acquainted with these superb and annoying creatures: flies, mosquitoes and wasps...

lucilia sericata (source : Wikipedia)

a spider is about to feed on a Lucilia sericata (green fly)


Basically everything that flies the name of which we ignore is a fly. With a life span of approximately twenty days, the domestic fly - because it lives in our area, not because it obeys - has a frantic life with often insistent and bold manners: its capability of storming back when it has been chased away numerous times is the cause of its enmity with the humans, and consequently the inspiration of the fly swatter (perhaps event the origin of the tail of cows and other ruminants).

Mankind maybe also overindulges in the use of the swatter to avenge ancestors who died from typhoid or cholera, two of the hundred pathogens the fly can pass on.

However, let us not forget that it also often cleans up in places no human would accept to step in!

Finally, it is extremely fast, equipped with exceptional vision and capable of taking off in every direction: if you really want to squash a fly, aim 5cm above the target, in the direction of the blow.


aedes aegyptis (source : Wikipedia)

Aedes Aegypti : native to Africa, main dengue and yellow fever carrier, present in Africa and in tropical areas (source: Wikipedia)




In Metropolitan France, one counts 47 species. Mostly nectarivorous, only the female mosquito draws blood (zoophilious or anthropophilic tendency, depending if it prefers to sting batrachians, birds... or us humans), and only to ensure the development of its eggs (good pregnancy meals in other words).

Even if numerous predators gulp it down, its cyclic presence (very sensitive to temperature) means that none of these predators really depend on them. So no mosquito specialist predator to speak of.

However, as a predator, Mrs Mosquito has a true advantage: within its range of action of approximately 2 km, it can sense the presence of a warm blooded vertebrate, especially smells (CO2 up to 30m and countless other substances produced by the body up to 20m). It chooses the warmest body, locates a small vein and helps itself for one to two minutes.


vespula ontaria (source : Wikipedia)

Wasp (Ontario, Canada) eating a spider
(source: Wikipedia)




Know for its very painful even dangerous stings, the female wasp (similarly to the mosquito, only Mrs is equipped) can sting several times thanks to its sting without a harpoon (unlike the bee). Mrs wasp hunts while Mr wasp drinks nectar. She feeds her young with spiders, caterpillars, flies, grasshoppers...

With a hit list of about fifteen deaths per annum in France, it can be a real nuisance during a meal outdoors.



classical - leather and beech wood, old fashioned assembly, no batteries needed, you can hang it by its leather strap

efficient - big dimensions and large perforated swatter for perfect efficiency

durable - reliable manufacturing and quality materials give it a long and good life, unlike that of the insects it comes into contact with