magnetic key panel

A smart and very practical system to store keys
  • A smart and very practical system to store keys
  • A smart and very practical system to store keys
  • Magnetic attachment system with included fixation screws & plugs.
  • dimensions : 120 x 420mm
  • weight : 0.82 kg
  • brushed stainless steel V2A
  • 1.5mm thick
  • felt lining in black, grey, orange, or green
  • 7 powerful neodymium magnets
  • removable hanging hardware included (screws, wall plugs, magnets for attaching)
  • design: Flux Objects (Germany)
  • product available and in stock


3 good reasons

  • you are sick of that ugly key box in pokerworked pine
  • you would like for your partner to stop spending 10 minutes every day looking for his/her car keys
  • you like to throw your keys in a place where they will be conveniently stored

how does it work?

What do you get?

  • a pretty stainless steel plaque that is 12cm wide by 42cm long with 7 powerful neodymium magnets glued on the back
  • 2 neodymium magnets with holes in the middle for affixing the board to the wall
  • 2 wall plugs, 2 screws
  • mounting instructions


How do you mount it?

Option 1: mark 2 points 36 cm apart (use a spirit level so that the line in between is perfectly vertical or horizontal, according to the position you've decided to mount the panel). Drill 2 holes with a 5mm diam. drill bit. Brush off the dust, insert the wall plugs, put the screws through the holes in the magnets, tighten the screws. Now all you have to do is place the panel (watch out for your fingers!)

Option 2: on a metallic surface (a steel I-beam, a radiator, a steel door...), you simply stick it on! Careful not to pinch your fingers; the magnets are very powerful.

Download the mounting instructions in PDF format


Magnetic key holder in brushed stainless steel with a layer of black felt to avoid scratches.

Can be hung vertically or horizontally.

No danger to your "smart" car keys.

Easy and intelligent installation: two perforated magnets to affix it to the wall (screws and wall plugs included), attaching your key panel solidly to the wall.

Terrific holding power thanks to 7 neodymium magnets: even the heaviest key ring will stick firmly to the panel.

Sleek, timeless design, great gift idea.


Precautions when using magnetic products

  • keep them away (more than 25 cm) from any computer equipment, such as hard drives, flash drives, Mp3 players, in short, far from any desktop or laptop computer.
  • keep them away from magnetic cards, such as bank cards, ID badges, etc.
  • if you wear a pacemaker, stay away from magnetic fields: at distances under 25cm, magnets and pacemakers do not get along.
  • do not let children play with magnets (even if they think they are fun, like we do)
  • the human body does not contain any ferromagnetic material, therefore magnets are safe for man, woman, and child...
  • Smart keys for cars do not contain magnetic material, so they cannot be damaged by magnets, according to the manufacturer and confirmed by our own tests.


quality: demanding German manufacturing standards, the highest quality brushed stainless steel, ultra powerful magnets, and an impeccable finish.

simplicity: a simple stainless steel panel and a bit of felt to avoid unpleasant scratches and scraping's so simple and that's why we like it.

design: sleek, timeless design, great gift idea.

our clients say it best

panneau magnétique pour ranger ses clés Panneau à clés magnétique

Thank you to Dounia C. for this photo. She has told us that since she has her magnetic key panel, she never has to hunt for her keys. Thank you also to Sophie C.. who preferred putting her magnetic plaque on her radiator so she could stick her little plants who like heat there. Sophie can stick and unstick her potted plants at will. Perfect for watering them or cutting off a tiny branch.