magnetic knife rack

  • dimensions : 35x320mm / 35x500mm
  • weight : 250g / 375g
  • brushed stainless steel V2A
  • 1.5mm thick
  • 6/9 powerful neodymium magnet
  • comes with removable fasteners (screws, wall plugs, fixing magnets)
  • design: Flux Objects (Germany)
  • product in stock, available
  • free delivery for orders over 70€


3 good reasons

  • you can't stand looking at that horrible black plastic knife holder with its two (barely) magnetized strips for another minute
  • you want to make use of the space gobbled up by that big wooden knife block on your countertop
  • you like sleek and timeless design and German quality

how does it work?

Notice de montage de la barre à couteaux aimantée
  1. using a pencil, draw 2 marks on the wall where you want to drill holes to position the rack (horizontal or vertical). The space between the 2 holes depends on the model: 32cm model - leave 25cm between the 2 marks, 50cm model - leave 36cm between the 2 marks
  2. insert the wall plugs (A) into the holes, put the screws (B) through the holes in the round magnets (C), screw tightly
  3. affix the knife rack: it's ready for use!

To dismantle, simply remove the knife rack and unscrew the round magnets.


Precautions for using products containing magnets

  • keep them away (more than 25cm) from all computer equipment, such as hard drives, flash drives, MP3 devices, in short, far from any desktop or laptop computers
  • keep them away from cards with a magnetic strip, such as bank cards, ID badges, etc.
  • pacemaker wearers, keep away from the magnetic fields produce by magnets: magnets and pacemakers do not get along at ranges closer than 25cm.
  • keep magnets out of reach of children (even though they think they are fun, like we do)
  • the human body does not contain ferromagnetic material, thus magnets are completely safe for man (and woman, and children).
  • remote control keys (or "smart keys") for cars do not contain magnetic material, according to manufacturers (and confirmed by our own tests), therefore, they cannot be damaged by magnets.


Don't feel like paying 100€ for a high-end knife holder? Tired of those ugly black plastic knife strips that you see everywhere? Need a magnetic presence in your kitchen?

Top quality brushed stainless steel (V2A).

Available in 2 sizes : 32cm and 50cm

Enormous bonding power, thanks to its 6 (9 for the 50cm version) neodymium magnets: your knives are very firmly stuck to the bar.

Smart and easy fastening system: 2 perforated magnets are fastened to the wall (screws and wall plugs included), allowing you to solidly fix the knife rack.

Contents of kit: 1 magnetic knife rack (320mm or 500mm long by 35mm high, 2 perforated magnets for fastening to the wall, 2 screws, 2 wall plugs, instruction manual.

Sleek, timeless design, great gift idea.


quality - demanding German quality, highest quality brushed stainless steel, ultra powerful magnets, and an impeccable finish.

simplicity - nothing extraneous, 100% useful... it's simple and that's why we like it.

design - sleek and timeless design, great gift idea.