magnetic table brush and crumb tray

  • dimensions : length 10.5 cm - width 15.5 cm
  • weight : 228g
  • oiled beech wood, stainless steel, light horsehair
  • magnetic
  • flat or vertical storage
  • design: Redecker (Germany, brush specialist for more than 75 years)
  • made in Germany


table crumb tray - 40.50 € TTC

3 good reasons

  • the Chinese mechanism of your Chinese plastic table hand brush has packed up (barely a year following its purchase) and you wish you had a more robust crumb tray
  • you are a keen user of crumb trays and are looking for the very best
  • you do not have a crumb tray but you have been telling yourself for a while that it would simplify a swift cleaning of the table between the cheese and dessert courses

how does it work?

Similar to a hand brush and dustpan, in a smart version to remain next to the table and in a smaller size...

But this model is the Rolls-Royce of non mechanical crumb trays, so we pay close attention to small details:

  • the hand brush is equipped with a neodymium magnet, which allows it to bond with the tray when it is put away
  • can be stored flat or on its side, thanks to a simple but carefully thought out design (rectangular shape, right angles)
  • compact size but sufficiently large for easy handling and true efficiency
  • horse hair


The Redecker family has a passion for brushes, but before anything else a passion for designing the perfect product for a purpose. It is in this spirit that the products of this brand endowed with more than 75 years of know-how are imagined and produced.

It so happens that M. Redecker paid special attention to the table hand brush and tray: throughout the years, he has perfected his models. The one we are proposing is the achievement of this research, which may seem absurd to some but to us call for admiration.


sleek design - simple shapes, in straight and softly curved lines

functionality - tonicity of horse hair, excellent handling, easy storage

German manufacture - quality and passion