metal self-adhesive strip for magnets (per metre)

  • dimensions : width 35mm, up to 25m long
  • 0.15 mm thick white ferromagnetic side
  • can be cut with a pair of scissors
  • 1 side with strong foam adhesive to correct the surface's ruggedness
  • 25m maximum in one piece
  • made in Germany
  • the edges may be very sharp: manipulate with care and keep out of reach of children


3 good reasons

  • you are prolific in photography, you don't like frames, you have a long corridor, and you want everyone to be able to admire your latest snapshots
  • you have had enough of small drawing pin holes in your walls and you want a customised magnetic board
  • you are creative, you are a DIY star, you are obsessed by magnets and you instantly understand this product is a key to the emancipation of your unbridled inventiveness

how does it work?

Our German neighbours master the metalworking industry. They have thus created an ultra thin (0.15mm) white ferromagnetic strip (that does not contain magnets but allows a magnet to bond with it), at the back of which they cleverly stuck a very good quality foam adhesive, that has the dual advantage of adapting to the potential ruggedness of a wall and being long-lasting.

bande métallique autocollante pour aimants / 1m sans aimants


1m without magnets

version 1m avec 3 aimants


1m with 3 magnets

5m without magnetsversion 5m sans aimants

version 25m sans aimants

25m without magnets

Cut the desired length

La bande métallique pour aimants autocollante se coupe avec des ciseaux ordinaires

With a good pair of scissors (avoid using the scissors the Mrs uses to cut fabric, it could get you into trouble), cut the strip at the required length. Each roll measures 25m, it will therefore be the maximum length for one single piece...

Be careful with the edge of the strip. It is a very thin steel sheet, therefore very sharp: if you rub against it, you cut yourself (rather like the dreaded edge of a sheet of paper, but more rigid)!



Stick in the required location

La bande métallique pour aimants autocollante se coupe avec des ciseaux ordinaires

The powerful foam adhesive allows you to stick the strip on any clean and dry surface, even coarse, and correct its potential ruggedness.

The slenderness of the metal strip enables folding, which will allow you to follow the shape of the surface, and perfectly fit corners. Do not stick on wallpaper or fabric, you will risk ripping everything off when removing it (very strong adhesive!)

Position the corner without removing all the protective tape, stick it properly by pressing the whole surface of the strip, then slowly remove the protective film. Once all the adhesive is in contact with the surface, press hard on the whole metal strip for perfect adherence.



Choose and place magnets

La bande métallique pour aimants autocollante se coupe avec des ciseaux ordinaires

The steel sheet being very thin, it is pointless to use too powerful magnets. All magnets available at LaPaDD are perfectly suitable:

You can now hang what you want: schedules, postcards, notes, photos, business cards, drawings, diagrams, scale models, etc..

Warning: the use of more powerful magnets does allow you to hang heavier objects, but the theoretical bonding strength of this powerful magnet will not be 100% because of the thin metal support (0.15mm).



White metal strip 0.15mm thick (thin rather) and 3.5cm large, with a powerful foam adhesive on the back. Suitable for most clean and dry surfaces. The strip remains horizontal, but can be folded to follow the shape of the surface.

Available lengths: 0.5m, 1m, 3m, 9m, 12m, and 25 m

Cut with an ordinary pair of scisscors.

Delivered without magnets


quality: rigorous German make, versatile and powerful foam adhesive.

simplicity: a simple idea that provides valuable services.

versatile: you immediately visualise it to display post cards, notes, photos, business cards, or posters, but the adhesive metal strip also opens new perspectives for your creativity, for DIY activities, small reparations, scale models, etc...

our clients say it best

La chambre d'un de nos clients passionné de photo

photo credit Bruce Haley - 13 million tons of pig iron
La bande métallique est idéale pour présenter vos tirages d'art sans les abîmer
L'entrée d'un client qui travaille à la NASA !