mouse doorstop

  • dimensions : 32 x 120 x 35mm
  • recycled wood
  • leather strap
  • made in China from otherwise unusable scraps
  • nice package suitable for gift giving
  • free delivery for orders over 70€


mouse doorstop - 7.00 € TTC


3 good reasons

  • you like a nice breeze but don't like glaziers
  • you are very fond of your cat's tail
  • you want to be able to hang up your doorstop when you aren't using it

how does it work?

  1. the hardest part is opening the package (just use scissors to open the plastic part and the rest is a snap)
  2. holding your mouse doorstop by the tail, approach the door that you wish to hold open
  3. slide the doorstop under the door until it is blocked


This doorstop has two important features:

  • it contributes to reducing Chinese industrial waste, because it is made in China from recycled wood scraps
  • it makes a great present because it is really very cute in its package, so life-like that you could almost sell it in a pet store


practical: you can hang it up by its leather strap, either on the doorknob, or on a hook (if there is something metallic near the door, it works perfectly with the magnetic hooks available on this site)

indispensable: because this small and inexpensive item can save your ears, your fingers, the tail of your dog or cat, the window in the door, and keep you from having a heart attack...

great gift: this mouse doorstop is not only utterly charming in its very pretty package but is much more useful than many similar types of gifts.