natural bristle and thermowood nail brush

  • dimensions : length 9.5 cm - width 3.7 cm height 4 cm
  • thermowood (THT) and clear bristle (pig)
  • 2 models : standard (6+4 raws) and travel (5+1 raws)
  • one side with 6 rows
  • one side with 4 harder curved rows
  • design: Redecker (Germany, brush specialist for more than 75 years)
  • made in Germany


3 good reasons

  • your plastic nail brush loses its nylon bristle
  • your wooden nail brush splinters subject to too much exposure to water
  • you like to get your hands in it and want to own the very best of nail brushes

how does it work?

All those who have already gotten their hands dirty know how a nail brush works:

  • you run your hands under water and thoroughly rub with soap
  • you get hold of the nail brush and start rubbing with the large side of the brush
  • when the skin is clean, you scratch the soap with your nails, you turn the nail brush over to access the hardest rows of bristle, and you rub hard to remove the dirt stuck between the nail and the skin

It is very easy to find a plastic and nylon nail brush. It is relatively easy to find a nice wood and natural bristle nail brush. But what we are proposing here, is the best of tradition (pig bristle harder on one side than the other, good handling size, hand made) combined with the latest technological development in wood treatment: thermowood that is no longer sensitive to humidity because it was (well) treated: it was literally caramelized, process that incidentally gave it a nice dark colour.


Thermowood, thermally modified timber, or THT

fours spécifiques pour thermochauffage du bois (source : Redecker) Thermowood, also called TMT (thermally modified timber) or wood Treated at High Temperature (THT), is a relatively recent environment-friendly technology, even if numerous tribes used to thermo heat their arrows in the fire to make them harder...

It has taken fifteen years to control the energy cost and reach sufficient production. Redecker now has it own ovens.

The technique consists in exposing the wood to temperatures superior to 215°C, which enables you to remove nearly all the water it contains (following standard seasoning, wood contains approx. 12% of water, following thermo heating, it only contains 3%).


Advantages of thermo heated wood

  • thermo heated wood becomes hydrophobic (whereas wood is by nature hydrophilic)
  • it becomes water repellent (water glides on it and does not seep into it)
  • it is harder and more stable in terms of shape (lesser expansion/contraction, the wood works less)
  • it is resistant to fungi and mould
  • it becomes darker, anywhere between a caramel or chocolate colour depending on the wood
  • it does not lose its colour
  • it avoids adding fungicides, pesticides and other chemical products more or less harmful for the environment


tradition - hard bristle for skin, very hard for nails

modernity - rot proof and water resistant thermo heated wood, with a nice wenge colour

eco-responsible - 100% organic, no chemical treatment, made in Germany