Normann Copenhagen anti-drip ring for wine bottles

  • dimensions : diam. 50mm, diam. int. 30mm, 21mm thick
  • weight : 14g. per piece (2 piece package: 44g)
  • cork body
  • aluminium ring
  • ring lined in black felt
  • compatible with all types of bottles
  • design: Aurélien Barbry
  • free delivery with orders over 70€


set of 2 anti-drip rings - 20.00 € TTC


3 good reasons

  • you like the good things in life: serving a good bottle of wine with a drip ring fills you with a deep pleasure
  • you like pretty white tablecloths as much as you like red wine and you want them to coexist in a clean environment
  • you have already invested in the Normann Copenhagen Wine & Bar series and would like to complete your collection

how does it work?

la bague anti-goutte de Normann Copenhagen en liège et acierIt's so simple that there is really no need for long explanations: after having cut the foil on your bottle with the foil cutter from the Wine & Bar series by the same designer, you simply slide the ring around the neck of the bottle.

The inside of the ring is ingeniously lined with black felt, which allows the ring to adapt to any bottle and keeps it from sliding off when you serve your wine.




la série Wine & Bar en liège d'Aurélien Barbry : le coupe capsule, la bague antigoutte, le bouchon verseur et le set de bouchons en liègeWe love the Normann Copenhagen Wine & Bar series at LaPaDD, created by French designer Aurélien Barbry. The series beautifully combines the Danish functionalist heritage (all of these products are very efficient and easy to use), sustainable materials that respect the environment (cork, steel, aluminum, 100% cardboard packaging) with a terrific, innovative design.

packaging cadeau pour la bague anti-goutte de la série Wine & Bar de Normann Copenhagen


Thanks to their impeccable packaging, the different elements of the Wine & Bar series make excellent gifts that you can offer one year after the next, adding a new accessory each time!


Cork is an extraordinary material whose virtues are often overlooked, even if nowadays it is making a comeback in design objects:

  • by definition, cork is a renewable resource and a partner in sustainable development, because a farmed cork tree captures two times as much CO2 as a wild cork tree.
  • Portugal, which today produces more than 60% of the world's cork, has a long history of cork farming and conservation techniques that date back to the 12th century. Cork was used in the late middle ages in the construction of caravels (the ocean-going ships used by Portuguese explorers), particularly for ships exposed to harsh weather. Thus, cork aided the discoveries of courageous explorers like Bartolomeu Dias, Vasco de Gama and Magellan!
  • cork is rot-resistant, extremely lightweight, waterproof, and fairly air-tight, as well as flexible and compressible, an excellent insulator against heat and sound, fire resistant and very durable.


natural: an aluminium ring lined with felt and lots of cork makes an anti-drip ring that looks as good in a rustic kitchen as in an ultra modern one, thanks to the skills of a French designer and the high standards of a talented Danish design firm.

elegant: regardless of whether its coordinated with other elements from the Wine & Bar series, the drip ring will enhance your best bottles as well as your prettiest table.

functional: the felt lining assures a perfect hold on the bottle neck, no matter what the shape of the bottle.