Normann cork and aluminium pour spout for bottles

Set of 2 cork wine & bar pourers by Normann Copenhagen
  • Set of 2 cork wine & bar pourers by Normann Copenhagen
  • Set of 2 cork wine & bar pourers by Normann Copenhagen
  • Set of 2 cork wine & bar pourers by Normann Copenhagen
  • Set of 2 cork wine & bar pourers by Normann Copenhagen
  • dimensions : diam. 15-23mm H 75mm
  • weight : 21g
  • set of two stoppers
  • aluminium pour spout
  • cork body and stopper
  • adapts to virtually any bottle
  • design: Aurélien Barbry for Normann Copenhagen
  • free delivery for orders over 70€


Set of two cork pour spout stoppers Normann Copenhagen - 20.00 € TTC


3 good reasons

  • you use bottles every day (olive oil, other precious and rare oils, vinegars, etc.) and are aware of the pleasure that is to be had using a beautiful object in your daily life
  • you are tired of those inevitable little red wine stains on your nice white tablecloth and don't want to waste a drop of your good bottles of wine
  • you like the idea of a pour spout but the thought of leaving ingredients exposed to the open air makes you nervous ever since you found bugs floating in your bottles

how does it work?

  1. You stick the narrow part of the cork in the neck of the bottle, pushing firmly so it stays put
  2. You remove the cork and serenely pour with the pour spout
  3. You put the cork back on and you have a securely sealed bottle that is ready for use at any moment


We don't often think about just how extraordinary cork is as a material, though it is currently making a comeback in many new and stylish products.

  • By definition, cork is an environmentally sustainable material, because one farmed cork oak absorbs twice as much CO2 as a wild cork oak.
  • Portugal, where 60% of the world's cork is currently produced, has a long history of cork production and cork farming regulations that date back to the 12th century. Cork was used in the 15th century in the construction of caravels, fast sailing ships, especially for the parts that were most exposed to the elements. Thus, it contributed to the discoveries of the courageous Portuguese explorers like Bartolomeu Dias, Vasco de Gama and Magellan!
  • Cork will not rot, is very light, waterproof, and can keep out most gases. It is also flexible, compressible, an excellent insulator against heat and sound, fire resistant, and very durable.


natural: a little aluminium and lots of cork give this stopper a soft and seductive look, as pretty in a rustic kitchen as an ultra-modern one, thanks to the work of a French designer and a Danish design group bursting with talent.

original: matched with the wine cork set, your ho-hum bottles become pretty design objects with their lovely rounded corks.

functional: the pour spout is particularly useful for pouring wine without making stains on the tablecloth, but it will also work very well with bottles of oil or vinegar, and will protect their contents once corked with the stopper.