Normann designer wine cork set

Cork is beautiful and magic
  • Cork is beautiful and magic
  • Cork is beautiful and magic
  • Cork is beautiful and magic
  • Cork is beautiful and magic
  • Cork is beautiful and magic
  • Cork is beautiful and magic
  • Cork is beautiful and magic
  • dimensions : diam. base 15–20 mm, diam. top 40–50 mm, h 54
  • weight : negligable
  • 100% cork
  • 3 complementary shapes
  • design: Aurélien Barbry (FR) for Normann Copenhagen


Normann - set of 3 cork stoppers - 16.00 € TTC


3 good reasons

  • you'd like to make your open wine bottles look chic
  • you love hearing the delicious pop of a cork sliding out of a bottle
  • you are aware of the virtues of cork when it comes to preserving precious liquids

how does it work?

In theory...

  1. You stick the cork in the neck of the bottle
  2. You pull out the cork, you put it back in, you pull it back out...


Cork is an extraordinary material whose virtues are often overlooked, even if nowadays it is making a comeback in design objects:

  • by definition, cork is a renewable resource and a partner in sustainable development, because a farmed cork tree captures two times as much CO2 as a wild cork tree.
  • Portugal, which today produces more than 60% of the world's cork, has a long history of cork farming and conservation techniques that date back to the 12th century. Cork was used in the late middle ages in the construction of caravels (the ocean-going ships used by Portuguese explorers), particularly for ships exposed to harsh weather. Thus, cork aided the discoveries of courageous explorers like Bartolomeu Dias, Vasco de Gama and Magellan!
  • cork is rot-resistant, extremely lightweight, waterproof, and fairly air-tight, as well as flexible and compressible, an excellent insulator against heat and sound, fire resistant and very durable.


natural: cork gives this stopper a soft and sensual feel, and is as pretty in a rustic kitchen as in an ultra-modern one, thanks to the design skills of a French designer and the high standards of a talented Danish firm.

original: matched with the cork and aluminium pour spout, your bottles lined up in rows become decorative objects with their pretty, rounded, recognizable stoppers.

functional: the cork stopper effectively protects the precious contents of your bottle.