organdy herbal bath sachet Raumgestalt

  • cotton (organdy)
  • counterweight: small stone
  • design: Raumgestalt (Germany)
  • elegant packaging
  • delivered with one dose of bath herbs
  • machine washable (max. 30°C)
  • free delivery with orders over 70€


3 good reasons

  • you adore lazing in the bathtub
  • you are a fan of alternative healing techniques and natural medicine (maybe even that of Rika Zaraï)
  • you are a devotee of bathtub well-being, and wish to partake in the ancestral tradition of herb baths

how does it work?

comment placer le sachet à infusion pour le bain aux herbes sur la baignoire

This herbal bath sachet is as easy to use as the blend of natural aromas and essences is complex! Enjoy the many virtues of the various herbs that you can put inside the sachet.

  1. fill the bathtub with hot water
  2. open the (big) sachet by opening the button
  3. fill it with your favorite mix of herbs that you have carefully measured out. You can use the mix included for your first try, that will give you time to finish your advanced phytotherapy studies
  4. close the sachet by buttoning up the sachet
  5. completely submerge the sachet, and wrap the counterweight around the faucet or simply sling it over the side of the bathtub
  6. after letting the sachet steep for 5 or 10 minutes, you can get into the bath and enjoy the benefits of your chosen herb mix

A little advice:

  • We strongly suggest that you do not use the trial-and-error method, testing various plants or herb blends on your own without knowing anything about their effects: contrary to what you may think, most plants have active ingredients that can combine in surprising ways when you mix them. Therefore, it is best to ask the advice of someone qualified: a warm, nature-loving grandmother, pharmacist, herbalist, phytotherapist, aromatherapist, or naturopath...
  • if possible, use freshly picked herbs rather than dried ones; the fresh work better. If you buy fresh herbs, choose those that are as whole as possible (leaves, flowers, stems, and roots
  • soak for at least 20 minutes in the bath to truly benefit from your herbs (you don't want to go to all that effort for nothing...)


Taking an herb bath is one of the easiest ways to relax after a long day. The heat of the water reduces your tension levels, the body and spirit are thus ready to enjoy the therapeutic properties of the herbs. Not to mention the fact that most bath herbs smell good. You will emerge from the experience reinvigorated, relaxed, refreshed, and relieved.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • calming: camomile (flowers), artemisia, marigold (calendula, flowers), lime blossom, orange zest, eucalyptus, dried peppermint, St-Johns wort, milk thistle, hawthorn, verbena, bee balm, bergamot
  • refreshing: mint, sage, thyme, orange zest
  • relaxing : oregano, lavender (leaves and flowers), rose petals, camomile (flowers), verbena
  • reinvigorating: mint, rosemary, nettles, ginger (root), parsley, lemon zest, thyme (very potent herb)
  • fragrant: rose petals, lavender (leaves and flowers), pink geranium (leaves)
  • aphrodisiac: ylang-ylang, bergamot, damiana (turnera diffusa), ginseng, cow parsnip (heracleum maximum), savory,
  • skin care: white deadnettle, cornflower, borage, marigold (calendula, flowers)


pretty - beautiful presentation, elegant packaging, sleek design

seemingly useless - but in reality a true "back to one's roots" product

educational - to try it is to keep it