Ototo pretty sardine paper clips

  • Have fun at work with Ototo the prettiest sardine paper clip
  • dimensions : box: L 10.5 cm x w 6.4 cm x h 2.8 cm
  • weight : box: 76 g
  • pretty can (reusable) with removable top
  • 30 paper clips
  • assorted colours: turquoise blue and emerald green
  • size of paper clip: L 5 cm x 2.5 cm
  • design: Ori Saidi & Daniel Gassner (Israel)
  • made in China


box of 30 sardine paper clips - 9.00 € TTC


3 good reasons

  • you are facing an ocean of papers and wish to sort them out
  • you adore sardines, canned, barbecued, and even out at sea
  • you want to add some poetry to everyday objects too often lacking creativity

how does it work?

Les jolis trombones en forme de sardine Ototo sont livrés dans une jolie boîte cadeau dans 2 coloris assortis : vert emeraude & turquoise

Uh... A paper clip, do you see how it works?

2 colours for the sardine paper clips:

  • emerald green
  • turquoise blue

All in a very pretty gift box!


Take two humorous Israeli designers, an everyday object as useful as it is commonplace, a Chinese factory (because everyone likes sardines), and you get this pretty box of 30 sardines reusable at will.


pretty -connoisseurs instantly succumb to the charm of these sardines (commandant Cousteau, captain Nemo, and the shark in Jaws are huge fans)

efficient - these are large paper clips that can assemble many sheets of paper

joyful -the pleasure of a can of sardines without the smell or the oil stains