paper clip with suction cup

A simple clip with a suction cup
  • A simple clip with a suction cup
  • A simple clip with a suction cup
  • dimensions : diam. suction cup 40mm, diam. clip 17mm
  • weight : 3g
  • silicon suction cup
  • stainless steel clip
  • design: Klaus Göbbels, Manfred von Heereman


per clip - 1.38 € TTC


3 good reasons

  • you don't like to make holes in your varnished furniture
  • you want to easily display a photo, drawing, business card, brochure...
  • you like magnets but they don't stick to the mirror in the bathroom

how does it work?

  1. stick the suction cup on a clean, flat, smooth surface (glass, varnish, refrigerator door...)
  2. push hard to affix the suction cup
  3. slide a photo, a note, a message, or a business card in the round clip


LaPaDD has tested and approved this ultra-easy-to-use product, a first cousin of the binder clip with suction cup. The high-quality black suction cup is nicely imprinted with the words Memories & Messages as well as the manufacturer's logo. This suction cup clip offers a vast number of creative possibilities, as long as you fix it on a flat, smooth, and clean surface.


quality: suction cup and clip made in Germany

simplicity: a simple clip directly attached to a suction cup—it's as simple as it gets. And as everyone knows, the simpler it is, the better it works.

versatility: at the office, in the house, and even in the car, this product (friend of glass, mirrors, and other smooth, flat surfaces) has infinite uses. It can also be used to attach window decorations without using hard to clean adhesive paste or tape.