Paper Collector magazine and newspaper holder or A4 paper recycling tray

  • dimensions : 37cm x 29cm x 37cm
  • weight : 2.4kg
  • original name: Paper Collector
  • material: chrome steel wire
  • design: Willi Glaeser (CH, 1989)
  • more than one million units of Paper Collector already sold


Paper collector - 49.90 € TTC

3 good reasons

  • you are a great magazine reader and like to keep them at hand for a while.
  • you are asking yourself why magazine are always stored vertically and are happy to discover a storage unit that stores them flat and no longer wrings your favourite magazines.
  • your children love making paper planes and you tell yourself this magazine holder could just as well store your old A4 sheets to be recycled.

how does it work?

Paper Collector is a timeless, sturdy and discreet storage system to store:

  • magazines
  • newspapers
  • A4 paper sheets
  • standard logs (33 cm long)

Its dimensions and open-work structure allow you to easily find and retrieve a magazine, even if it is stored at the bottom of the pile.


Designed by the Swiss designer Willi Glaeser in 1989, Paper Collector is a design classic, with more than a million units already sold.


attractive: dainty, light, graphically structured, Paper Collector fits beautifully in every room.

tall: 35cm high, you can store about forty standard magazines, i.e. roughly four years' worth of a monthly magazine.

respectful: Paper Collector is respectful of your magazines since it archives them flat, without folding them.