Paperdee designer paper towel holder

  • PMMA (plexiglass)
  • design: Henriette Hyldgaard (DK)
  • made in Denmark


3 good reasons

  • A day does not pass without using paper towels and a kitchen roll is not pretty
  • you don't want a wall-mounted kitchen roll holder because you like the freedom of being able to carry your paper towel roll wherever you need it
  • you want your paper towel holder to look as chic in the kitchen as in the dining room, on the terrace, or in your yard.

how does it work?

  1. you slide your kitchen roll (or two rolls of toilet paper, or magazines, or...) in the tube
  2. you elegantly place it where you wish


A simple and truly decorative object that can turn an ordinary roll of paper towels into something nice to look at. What we like about this kitchen roll holder is that it doesn't fix your paper towel roll to one spot, thereby preserving one of its principle assets: its mobility. Since it is not attached to the wall, you can take it with you to the table for dinner, the coffee table for tea with a friend, on the terrace for lunch...With Paperdee, your good silver will be happy to lay down next to a humble roll of paper towels!

To make your kitchen roll even more elegant and mobile, we encourage you to carry it on the magnificient matching (large) acrylic platter.


quality - high quality thick acrylic glass (plexiglass)

design - sleek Nordic design

fonctionnality - designed so that once in its holder, your the first few sheets of your kitchen roll won't misbehave, i.e., unrolling or flopping around. Atten-shun!