Petromax HL1 Sturmlaterne storm lantern

A charming super candle, ideal for an outdoor table
  • A charming super candle, ideal for an outdoor table
  • A charming super candle, ideal for an outdoor table
  • A charming super candle, ideal for an outdoor table
  • A charming super candle, ideal for an outdoor table
  • A charming super candle, ideal for an outdoor table
  • dimensions : H 21.5 x ø14.2cm
  • weight : 460g
  • light intensity: 5W
  • material: nickel-plated steel
  • integrated steel transport / suspension handle
  • container capacity: 150ml (approx. 20h of lighting)
  • 12cm wick
  • fuel: kerosene or paraffin oil (available here)


3 good reasons...

  • you like candlelit diners but your terrace is too exposed to winds to use candles
  • you like the retro charm of ancient kerosene lamps
  • you think that the beauty of light created by a burning wick constitutes the best possible use for the little amount of fossil fuel we have left

how does it work?

how does the storm lantern work ?Set up and operation

Much simpler and intuitive to use than the 400W HK500 storm lantern, the Petromax HL1 is easily mastered:


  1. fill the container by unscrewing the cap (approx. 150ml of kerosene or Petromax Alkan paraffin) and positioning the lamp vertically
  2. if you are filling it up for the first time wait ten minutes for the fuel to soak the wick completely
  3. use the external wheel to get the wick out (approx. 2mm above the metal hood (if the wick is too long the lantern gives out less light and produces smoke)
  4. turn the lever to lift the glass, light the wick: once the glass is back in position, adjust the height of the wick to obtain an optimal flame (approx. 2cm high)
  5. to extinguish the flame, use the wheel to bring the wick down completely.


Safety instructions

  • do not use the storm lantern in a closed room: use outdoors
  • maintain a reasonable distance from the lit lantern and objects that are sensitive to heat and fire
  • do not use the lantern unattended
  • keep away from children
  • to move or hang the lit lantern, always use the steel handle
  • preferably use Alkan fuel from Petromax or kerosene
  • a prop for trees and fuel are available here (in the scroll down menu)


You have been warned

The HL1 storm lantern is full of charm and easy to use, it is an ambiance product (silent, easy to light, easy to extinguish) that you can easily place on a table. With regards to light intensity, it can be compared to a large candle (that is not sensitive to wind) i.e. 5W, but absolutely not to its big sister, the Petromax HK500, that develops 400W, thus capable of competing with a large halogen spotlight.


The Petromax HL1 storm lantern is in a way a super candle that is wind resistant and lasts about twenty hours with one fuel load. Its retro charm does not go unnoticed on an outdoor table.

With millions of items sold, this is a lamp that has proven its worth worldwide, on bourgeois urban apartment terraces as well as in the middle of the bush.

For the record, Petromax has been the most famous and renowned manufacturer of kerosene lamps in the world for over a century. It was Petromax that industrialized the process of the incandescent mantle (allowing to obtain incredible light intensity at the time), but also generalized the small storm lanterns such as this HL1 and made them very reliable.


economical - this very good value kerosene lamp is an interesting alternative for big consumers of candles

retro - a charming object that we have all seen somewhere

reliable - a tested model, the Petromax storm lantern has already had millions of items sold