piKs tyvek family growth chart as a notebook

  • dimensions : 14.5cmx9cmx1cm folded / 210cmx9cm unfolded
  • weight : 95g.
  • material: tear proof Tyvek®, moisture resistant, does not turn yellow
  • write with a biro or a soft pencil
  • hardcover notebook with accordion folded growth chart
  • bottom of growth chart weighted with a piece of metal
  • design: piKs (FR)


Family growth chart - 16.90 € TTC

3 good reasons

  • you have spent so much time working that you have not seen your children grow: it is time to make up for it
  • you often move houses and wish to take these precious measurements with you and relocate them wherever you see fit
  • you want to admire the growth of your (grand) children without the risk of losing everything when you paint over that bit of wall and remaining certain you can transmit the growth chart from generation to generation.

how does it work?


Fix to the wall with a nail or a screw (the cardboard back has a hole) at the precise height of 2.10m (aligning the top of the growth chart) by positioning a nail or a fine headed screw 2.085m from the floor.

Removable at will.

The bottom of the growth chart is weighted with a piece of metal, maintaining the long tyvek sheet vertical and perfectly unfolded.


Writing on the growth chart

Since Tyvek® is a plastic material, you need to write on it with a biro or a soft pencil.

With a width of 9cm, it is possible to mark the heights of the whole family over the years and stick photos or drawings.



durable - extremely resistant thanks to its tyvek® texture, this growth chart can also be folded in its cardboard binding which will ensure a good transmission from generation to generation.

aesthetic - elegant design and cheerful colour

versatile - capable of following you when you move house, accommodating annotations, photos and drawings, it can be unfolded or folded, hidden or exposed...