Pinocchio foldable mini clothes rack

Heavy duty foldable mini rack.
  • Heavy duty foldable mini rack.
  • Heavy duty foldable mini rack.
  • dimensions : diam. base 70mm, diam. bar 20mm, L 210mm
  • weight : 354g
  • anodized aluminium
  • load: 10kg max.
  • can hold up to 8 hangers
  • delivered with 3 screws and 3 wall plugs (hole diam. 6mm)
  • design: Klaus Göbbels
  • made in Germany


Pinocchio mini clothes rack - 49.00 € TTC

3 good reasons

  • you need to hang your eight favorite coats in front of your so you can choose which one you will wear to go out tonight
  • you want a stopgap clothes hook near your ironing board so that you can temporarily hang up dresses and shirts on their hangers
  • you want a versatile storage system that doesn't take up too much space so you can optimize your available space

how does it work?

la mini-penderie pliable Pinocchio se plie et se déplie très facilement, simplement en levant la barre en aluminium et en la bloquant par simple rotation de la base

A simple, ingenious, and solid system: a cylindrical aluminium bar affixed to a rotating base.

Just raise the clothes hook bar and turn the base to block in a horizontal position.

Using a spirit level is recommended for optimal installation of your Pinocchio folding mini clothing rack.



Montage de la mini-penderie pliable Pinocchio  
  1. position the folding bar perpendicular to the base and lift off the metal cover that hides the fixation plate, pulling it in the direction indicated above.

  2. place the fixation plate so that the folding bar lies vertical to the wall. Make marks with a pencil where the holes need to be drilled (you can affix the Pinoccho clothes hook with either two or three screws). Drill holes with a 6mm drill bit (if you are using the hardware included in the package) adapted to the composition of the wall. Brush off the dust, insert the wall plugs, and screw the plate firmly in place. We recommend that you verify that the plate is firmly attached.

    Nota Bene : The Pinocchio mini clothes rack is delivered with screws and wall plugs (diam. 6mm) adapted for solid materials (concrete, cinder-block, plaster, etc.) If you need to affix the folding clothes hook to plasterboard walls, we recommend, given the heavy load that the hook can support, using specialized wall plugs (Molly or self-drilling anchors) to ensure optimal hold.

  3. put the metal cover back over the fixation plate: it's ready for use. The Pinocchio can hold up to 10kg.

la mini-penderie pliable Pinocchio peut être fixée avec 2 ou 3 vis, au choix

You can affix the Pinocchio folding mini clothes rack with either 2 or 3 screws. For frequent usage, we recommend that you use all three of the screws included in the package (see figure on the right).


Click here to download the operating instructions in printable PDF format



Cousin of the Pin-Up mini clothes rack, Pinocchio is a sturdier, more utilitarian version, that can handle heavy or cumbersome clothing.

It can hold up to 8 hangars and 10kg.

It works well with the Polyp suction cup hook, created by the same designer.


versatile: the foldable mini clothes rack can be placed in any part of the house and serve many functions: perfect for optimizing the inside of a closet, a clothes rack, or a dressing room. It can also be installed in your entryway, your hallway, or your bathroom—always a pleasure to look at.

simple and sturdy: once again, our German neighbors show off their keen sense of functionality. This folding clothes hook can be stowed away with the flick of a wrist, thanks to a amazingly simple mechanism constructed out of a material that is virtually indestructible: aluminum.

functional design: The elegant Pinocchio mini clothes rack, thanks to the rings carved into its bar, keeps hangers at an equal distance from each other.

durable: German fabrication and quality materials means it will probably last longer than we will...