pipe lighter with pipe filler and cleaner

The all in one lighter for pipe smokers
  • The all in one lighter for pipe smokers
  • The all in one lighter for pipe smokers
  • The all in one lighter for pipe smokers
  • dimensions : L 75mm, W 34mm, D 12mm
  • weight : 39g (lighter alone) / 75g (with packaging)
  • refillable gas lighter (standard nozzle)
  • specifically for pipes
  • adjustable flame, 45 degree angle to facilitate the lighting of the pipe
  • retractable built-in pipe filler and cleaner
  • design: Imco / MKE (Austria)


Imco Chic4Pipe lighter - 15.00 € TTC


3 good reasons

  • under mounting pressure from all sides, you have given up cigarettes, and settled for the pipe, and are looking for the suitable tools for your new source of nicotine
  • you have had enough of burning your fingers when lighting your pipe
  • you are always on the move, an adept of the all in one, and wish to always have with you a lighter, a pipe filler and a pipe cleaner

how does it work?

  1. Pipe lighter : how does it work ?you fill your pipe as usual, if necessary with help from the pipe filler
  2. you adjust the flame to your liking, then you light your pipe easily - with a limited risk of burning yourself, the flame being at a 45 degree angle - keeping the built-in pipe filler out to correct after lighting


How to light a pipe?

  • it is not recommended you light your pipe with a fuel lighter (that gives it an unpleasant smell): nothing better than a refillable gas lighter!
  • present the flame above (but not touching) the bowl (so as not to damage it), then attract the flamme by sucking in to the stem: the tobacco alights slowly (avoid sucking too hard, the tobacco would burn and hence lose its interest.
  • do not hammer the pipe: preferably use the built-in pipe cleaner or a spoon
  • a pipe that has been used a lot can start to get too thick a carbon layer: it is possible to delicately scrape the inside of the bowl after each use whilst taking care of maintaining the regular feature of the carbon layer (if you take good care of the carbon layer, needless to say you never dig into the wood with the pipe cleaner!)


This simple, economical and refillable lighter presents two features that make it a pipe smoker's best friend:

  1. its 45° angle flame makes lighting your pipe easier without risking damaging the pipe bowl (Chic4Pipe is not a blowtorch lighter)
  2. it has a built-in pipe cleaner and pipe filler


Imco 6700 Super, briquet à essence mythiqueImco/MKE is after RONSON (Zippo) the second oldest lighter manufacturer in the world. Created in 1907, the company rapidly ceased producing ammunition to continue delivering the Austrian army with storm lighters, the reliability of which needed to be perfect. Since then, committed to following safety standards, Imco has produced 500 million lighters according to strict standards (ISO 9994). Today, Imco offers excellent technical quality lighters, with a special attention to design, whilst remaining within reasonable price ranges.




simple - the good old gas lighter, produced by a good company, and adapted to pipe lighting

economical - excellent value for money

quality - more than a century of experience for this Austrian manufacturer that only delivers excellent quality models