Pocket Magazine wall organizer with magnetic memo board

  • dimensions : L30.3cm x H22.5cm x P2.2cm
  • weight : 825g
  • tariff code : 7323.1000
  • available in brushed stainless steel or white lacquered steel
  • sturdy construction
  • 6 neodymium magnets included
  • hardware included (2 screws + 2 wall plugs)
  • design: Gwen Weinberg for Three by Three (Seattle, USA)
  • made in China


3 good reasons

  • you don't like the look of magnetic bulletin boards, or they are too expensive
  • you are looking for a sturdy and elegant way of presenting magazines or A4 format documents
  • your bathroom is tiny, but you still insist on offering users the latest women's magazines

how does it work?


Hang the Pocket Strip on the wall with the included screws and wall plugs (if you have wood paneling on the wall, wood screws or nails should work just fine). With the help of a spirit level, draw a horizontal line on the wall, marking off two points for the screw holes separated by a distance of 20cm. Drill the holes with a 6mm diam. drill bit, brush off the dust, insert the wall plugs, position the wall organizer, insert and tighten the screws, and voila, it's firmly attached to the wall.

rangement au format magazine/A4 et panneau pour aimants

A practical storage solution that takes up little space

The size of a magazine (or A4 paper), this wall organizer offers a wide range of possibilities, allowing you to store file folders, magazines, brochures, as well as a large magnetic memo board of around 30cm x 22cm.

  • for professionals, this magazine pocket is extremely practical for holding brochures, leaflets, and magazines in an entryway or in a store
  • at home, this is a great storage system for magazines, be they in the bathroom, living room, or study
  • at the office, this magazine holder can be used for storing papers, files, or other publications



simple - easy to install, easy to use, exactly the kind of Less Is More - type product that we like so much here at LaPaDD

useful - be it for professional (office, workshop, etc.) or personal (in the entryway, bedroom, next to a desk) use, Magazine Pocket works wonders anywhere

quality - American specifications for a product that, yes, is made in China, but is also well-made and sturdy enough to meet all your needs