Pockethuset bedside shelf for paperbacks

Pockethuset bedside shelf for paperbacks
  • Pockethuset bedside shelf for paperbacks
  • Pockethuset bedside shelf for paperbacks
  • Pockethuset bedside shelf for paperbacks
  • Pockethuset bedside shelf for paperbacks
  • dimensions : H21cm, L13.2cm, D18.4cm
  • weight : 963g
  • 2mm thick thermo lacquered steel
  • colour: white
  • design: Åsa & Emme Copparstad (Sweden)
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Pockethuset - WHITE - 61.00 € TTC


3 good reasons

  • hungry bibliophile, you read several books at a time, because you like to switch between a good detective novel, a philosophical essay, and the latest Ken Follett, but still like to have Shakespeare's Macbeth at hand
  • you devote your time to books, even paperbacks, and do not wish to see them get dusty, damaged, dirty, or lodged between the earplugs, the water bottle and the alarm clock
  • you think it is blasphemy to turn down the corner of a page to mark it, but you would gladly do without a bookmark

how does it work?


The installation of your Pockethuset book shelf is very simple, however you need to think about the right place to position it, then drill 2 holes to fix it:

  1. locate the ideal place (at your bedside, near your favourtite armchair...) so that the book shelf is at hand with no risk of bumping into it
  2. position the book shelf at the desired place, check the horizontality (with a level), mark both holes with a pen through the 2 mounting brackets
  3. choose the rawplugs according to the material of the chosen wall, drill a hole for the chosen rawplug, dust, put the rawplug in, screw: the pockethuset is in position!



  • inside the Pockethuset, you place the books to read, already read, or being read if you read several at a time
  • on the roof of the Pockethuset, you effortlessly place the book you are reading , at hand, ready to be grabbed!


In Swedish, Pockethuset means paperback house. This simple and really clever product, imagined in Sweden by the young and promising designers Åsa & Emme Copparstad, is rooted in the pure tradition of Scandinavian functional design, combining simplicity, usefulness, and beauty.

Quite a few small steel book shelves exist in the marketplace, but this one seems to us the best compromise between size, usefulness, and safety: it does not take up much space next to your bed, allows you to rapidly put down the book you are reading at the right page, and store several other books, all in a soft and rounded design, less blunt than many other similar steel plate products that can look scary to readers that have offspring prone to jumping on their parents' bed.


simple - lacquered steel, simple shape, soft price, but brilliant design

practical - hey presto, I grab my book, and hey presto, I put it down without losing the page...

aesthetic - Pockethuset is Åsa & Emme Copparstad's first creation, but already full of genius and good taste: take our word for it, these two have a great future ahead!