pre-printed sheet tag [17 models to choose from]

  • dimensions : H72mm x L21mm
  • weight : 5g
  • fuchsia satin ribbon
  • white silkscreen
  • suspender clip chrome steel
  • copyrighted product
  • french texts
  • design: Ich & Kar (FR)


more than 10 reasons...

  • because it's pretty [and you have the soul of an artist?]
  • because you can no longer tolerate the mess in your linen closet [you seek order in your life?]
  • because anyone in the family can find their sheets on the first try [you cherish family values?]
  • because you can more easily lend your apartment to your friends [you are a hippie at heart?]
  • because it's extremely practical [you like to rationalize?]
  • because it's a great present for your mother-in-law [you like your mother-in-law?]
  • because it's a good price for a quality item [you like a bargain?]
  • because it doesn't take up much space [you live in cramped quarters?]
  • because it's cool [you are hip and happening?]
  • because it's got a great design [you live on the cutting edge?]
  • because you'd like to become a slob [you are a neatnick by necessity?]
  • because it's smart [you are smart?]
  • because it's ideal for a big house [you are a property owner?]
  • because your wife will love it [you love your wife?]
  • because it's new [you have a pioneer spirit?]
  • because it's revolutionary [you're a disciple of Ché Gueverra?]
  • because it's creative [you are full of ideas?]
  • because it doesn't make any noise [you have sensitive ears?]
  • because it's made in France [you are a Francophile?]
  • because it's a good idea [you are a sensible person?]
  • because it's so obvious you wonder why no one had thought of it before? [you are tired of marketing ploys that create a need that does not exist?]
  • because it's a solid investment [you don't spend, you invest?]
  • because LaPaDD was created with love [you are a romantic type?]
  • because it's soft and pink [you like the good things in life?]
  • because you've been looking for a way to organize your linen closets for a long time [you are persistent?]
  • because even your husband thinks it's great [you love your husband?]
  • because it's perfect for rental properties [you have a house by the sea?]
  • because it doesn't pollute [you are an environmentalist?]
  • because you like everything in its place [you like order in your life?]
  • because it's also for men [you believe in equality in the domestic sphere?]
  • because you can offer it as a gift to your Belgian, Swiss, and Canadian friends [you are a fan of Francophone countries?]
  • because its not as silly as it looks [you are ready to admit you were wrong?]
  • because it's not a drug [you have a good reason to drink a glass of Corton]

how does it work?

  1. CLIP> when you have clearly identified your sheet, pick up the corresponding sheet tag. Fold, roll, or wad the sheet in a ball (according to your own personal style), open the clip, and clip it to the sheet.
  2. PUT IT AWAY> once the tag is attached, you can put the sheet away where you like, just leave the tag as visible as possible.
  3. FIND IT> when you are looking for a sheet or other linens, put on your glasses (if necessary), open the closet, and instantly find the sheet you were looking for. If you don't find it right away, gently pull out the sheets that have not been tagged with a LaPaDD clip ("by elimination" search). If none of these turn out to be the right sheet, contact the appropriate closet manager without taking it out on the closet, which didn't mean you any harm.

Do not put the tag in the washing machine (this will damage your washing machine and the soldering on the ribbon)


The sheet tag is a unique organizational tool for all your home linens. This linen marker is this site's original raison d'être – it's the first product that was sold on

Since it was invented and copyrighted by Dorothée in 2007, over 150,000 units have been sold. In 2009, it was licensed to be sold by Carré Blanc, a chain of quality linens stores.



LaPaDD = La Pince à Drap de Dorothée, or Dorothée's sheet tag

Pince à Drap because when something is so simple, so obvious that you can't believe you didn't think of it sooner, the name of the thing is as obvious as the thing itself. The second D immortalizes the name of LaPaDD's inventor: Dorothée.




1. Household linens organization tool.

2. fast and efficient system for identifying sheets, pillowcases, and other linens stored in a closet, composed of a suspender clip attached to a printed piece of satin. One of the many advantages of this system is that it does not require a long training period (other than the 20 seconds it takes to read the instructions on the back of the package).

3. [fam.] a sheet tag, what!


useful - the easiest way to put an end to the mess in your linen closets. No more unfolding and folding to find the right sheet.

solid - virtually indestructible, the sheet tag is both durable and reliable: ultrasonic welding assures that the ribbon is firmly attached to the clip.

pretty - designed by Ich & Kar