Redecker shoe shine kit (8 pieces)

  • weight : 890g
  • untreated beechwood
  • natural bristle and plant fibers
  • 1 polishing brush, dark horsehair, 16cm
  • 1 polishing brush, light horsehair, 16cm
  • 1 shoe polish brush, dark bristles, 19cm
  • 1 shoe polish brush, light bristles, 19cm
  • 1 suede/Nubuck brush, brass bristles 12cm
  • 1 shoe cleaning brush, arenga bristles, 20cm
  • 1 shoehorn, 11cm
  • 1 dust cloth
  • design: Redecker (Germany, brush specialists for 75 years)
  • Made in Germany


set à chaussures Redecker - 55.90 € TTC

3 good reasons

  • you believe that perfectly shined shoes are a prerequisite for elegance (and you are right)
  • you like to use good tools to do dirty jobs efficiently
  • you are a shoe shine fiend and your brushes are so worn out that they can no longer be used

how does it work?

How to keep your shoes in shape

  1. Shoes should be completely clean before being shined! Remove every speck of dirt or mud with the shoe cleaning brush (the wooden point is for cleaning cleats or other grooves, the beveled edges are for cleaning the soles), wash with a sponge and water and let dry (do not dry next to a radiator; you can stuff the shoe with newspaper to maintain its form)
  2. Once the shoes are nice and dry, use a shoe polish brush (be sure to use a different brush for each color of polish) to spread the polish in a circular movement. Try not to daub too much polish, it is not necessary and it makes a mess.
  3. Let the polish dry as long as possible (ideally, daub the polish in the evening and polish the next morning).
  4. Use the polishing brush (the light one for light-coloured shoes, the dark one for dark-coloured shoes) to make the shoes shine.
  5. For a spectacular shine, finish with a wool rag (the sleeve of an old sweater or an old sock will do).

For suede and Nubuck, the main thing is to remove all the dirt with the little brush with brass bristiles. We also recommend using a special suede brush for a finishing touch.


Leather is a living material, rendered virtually indestructible by the process of tanning, one of humanity's oldest craft techniques. Way back when, in so-called primitive times, people already knew that animal skins should be greased to stay soft, waterproof, and durable.

A sort of prehistoric Gor-Tex, tanned leather is a breathable material that is relatively water resistant and an excellent means of thermal insulation.

Since it is a living material, leather should be taken care of on a regular basis to preserve its many attributes. In these days of throw-away shoes, we forget that a good pair of shoes can last decades (you can replace the soles as many times as you need if they are hand sewn), and in the end, they are much less expensive than buying a new pair every six months. We recommend that you wear your leather shoes every other day, so that the leather can gently dry out and you can keep them and admire them even longer.


complete - in one little metal box you have all the tools you need to keep your shoes in perfect condition

excellent value - outstanding quality, hand-made, natural materials (bristle and plant fibers), seven brushes for a reasonable price

indispensable - who doesn't need to shine their shoes?